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quotidianacom - Sembra ma non soffro

(2010, 50’)

second episode of the Trilogia dell’inesistente_esercizi di condizione umana

by and with Roberto Scappin, Paola Vannoni
production quotidianacom, Kronoteatro
with the support of Kilowatt Festival Sansepolcro, Provincia di Rimini


Paola Vannoni and Roberto Scappin, known as quotidianacom, work on language, making the dialogical mechanism, synthetically indicated as Q/A, a stylistic signature, with dazzling quips and surreal sketches tinged with curaro, or incongruous to the limits of the absurd. In Venice, they present segments of their artistic biography with L’anarchico non è fotogenico, Sembra ma non soffro and the new Il racconto delle cose mai accadute.

“On stage we see two individuals kneeling. On white prie-dieux. A colour that seemed to us potentially suitable for alleviating a possible pain. The figures on stage in Sembra ma non soffro – named Lui (Him) and Lei (Her) – give free rein to their thoughts without rejecting any subject out of hand, respecting this place of introspection and search for forgiveness”. (quotidianacom)

Sale d’Armi

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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