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Sebastian Nübling - Es sagt mir nichts, das sogenannte Draußen

Jens Hillje, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement


Sebastian Nübling​
Es sagt mir nichts, das sogenannte Draußen

Italian premiere (2013, 75’)

by Sibylle Berg
direction Sebastian Nübling
choreography Tabea Martin
with Nora Abdel-Maksoud, Suna Gürler, Rahel Jankowski, Cynthia Micas
stage design Magda Willi, Moïra Gilliéron
costumes Ursula Leuenberger, Moïra Gilliéron
dramaturgy Katja Hagedorn
production Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin
in cooperation with junges theater basel


The name Sebastian Nübling – in the ideal partnership between writers and authors presented in this Festival – is associated with that of Sibylle Berg, a cult author translated into more than thirty languages, for Es sagt mir nichts, das sogenannte Draußen, which won the Theater Heute award for play of the year in 2014.

«Sebastian Nübling’s adaptation centers around four female performers, an empty space, movement and a few water bottles – nothing else is needed in this choreographed-discourse performance. The performers entangle themselves in the thoughts of this young woman contemplating her rage in age of communication overkill in the world, somewhere there in “the so-called outside”». (Jens Hillje)

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