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Carnival Film Screenings (27.09)

Film and architecture are inextricably linked. Both mediums involve space, time, and people, and both use narrative to explore the human predicament. Architects, like directors, turn fiction into reality. In this "mini film festival" spread over two days, renowned architects, educators, artists and filmmakers explore the fascinating overlaps, proximities and tensions between space, buildings, moving images and representation. Two panel discussions moderated by curator Lesley Lokko explore the complex and rich relationship between these two fascinating disciplines.

Wednesday, September 27th:
2 pm – 3:15 pm short film screenings Inhabiting Hybridity: Letters from the Middleground (by UNIT 24 - VitikaAgrawal);  My Land, Mine Land (by UNIT 24 - Paris Gazzola); Robots of Brixton (by Kibwe Tavares); Planet City (by Liam Young); The Great Endeavor (by Liam Young); Ferenj (by Ainslee Alem Robson); Beck Road (by Ewa Effiom)
From 3:25 pm to 6:45 pm two panel discussions will follow with: Noemi Blager, Luis Urbano, Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine, Ewa Effiom, Penelope Haralambidou, Mike Tite, Ainslee Alem Robson, Liam Young.

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Inhabiting Hybridity: Letters from the Middleground (7’)
by UNIT 24 – Vitika Agrawal

Inhabiting Hybridity is an architectural essay film on the syncretism of British and Indian cultures, commenting on the experience of being rooted in many places at once through the design of a transforming and transformative stone architectural structure.
Vitika Agrawal is a graduate from Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Her  short movie has received the Bartlett Medal 2022.

My Land, Mine Land (6’)
by UNIT 24 – Paris Gazzola

Paris Gazzola’s My Land, Mine Land is an investigation into gold-mining towns in the Western Australian desert, which excavates suppressed indigenous knowledge to reimagine desert living based on local resources, remediation, and co-existence.
Paris Gazzola is an Architectural Assistant at dRMM. She graduated from the Master’s program at The Bartlett with honours. My Land, Mine Land was awarded The Bartlett Medal.

Robots of Brixton (6’)
by Kibwe Tavares

Part of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition, The Laboratory of the Future (Force Majeure), Robots of Brixton uses robots as metaphors for a future intake of migrants to the UK. The film shows Brixton as a degenerated and forgotten area inhabited by the new robot workforce, built and designed to carry out all the tasks which humans are no longer inclined to do.
Kibwe Tavares is a British filmmaker and architect. He is the co-founder of Factory Fifteen, a studio that uses animation and emerging technologies to explain the built environment.

Planet City (16’)
by Liam Young

Planet City tells about an imaginary city for 10 billion people, the entire population of the earth, where we surrender the rest of the world to a global scaled wilderness and the return of stolen lands. The film follows a continuous festival procession dancing through the city on a 365 day loop. Each day it intersects with a different carnival, culture and celebration, changing the beat as it goes, endlessly cycling through new colors, costumes and cacophonies.

The Great Endeavor (9’)
by Liam Young

To reach current climate targets, the capacity to remove existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it underground at gigatonne scales must be developed. Part of The Laboratory of the Future (Dangerous Liasions), The Great Endeavor approaches this challenge with optimism, collaborating with a network of scientists and technologists to imagine what it might look like to build this infrastructure.
Liam Young is an Australian-born film director and architect. Described by the BBC as 'The man Designing our Futures', his work explores the increasingly blurred boundaries among film, fiction, design and storytelling with the goal of prototyping and imagining the future of the city.

Ferenj (11’)
by Ainslee Alem Robson

Part of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition, Ferenj is an experimental form of emancipatory thinking, reclaiming Robson’s Ethiopian–American mixed-race identity, and redefining boundaries between fragmented memories and the digital imaginary.
Ainslee Alem Robson is an award-winning Ethiopian-American director, writer and media artist, and current Sundance-NEH Fellow.

Beck Road (16’)
by Ewa Effiom

An investigation into the past, present and future of the eponymous street. The film is a response to the act of decontextualising the street, which is often occurs when the street is used as a film set. Beck Road seeks to give the urban morphology and associated stories centre stage, inspired by Khalik Allah’s I Walk on Water to create a snapshot of place that goes beyond critique.
Ewa Effiom is a London-based Belgo-Nigerian architect, writer, producer and filmmaker. His films Eagle Mansions and Beck Road have screened at festivals internationally in Europe and Australasia.

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