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In Statu Quo: Structures of Negotiation

  • TUE - SUN
    10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Giardini
  • Admission with ticket

Commissioner: Miki Gov, Arad Turgeman

Curators: Ifat Finkelman, Deborah Pinto Fdeda, Tania Coen-Uzzielli, Oren Sagiv

Exhibitors: Ifat Finkelman, Deborah Pinto Fdeda, Tania Coen-Uzzielli, Oren Sagiv, Nira Pereg, David Polonsky, Roiy Nitzan


In Statu Quo: Structures of Negotiation explores the complex mechanism of the Status Quo, which functions as an informal and fragile, system of coexistence within shared holy places. In the geopolitical context of the Holy Land, the combination of historical events, myths, and traditions have fostered the creation of a multiplicity of places that are sacred to competing religions, communities, and affiliations. Many of these places have become arenas of bitter struggle, yet they continue to operate through a delicate web of ongoing political negotiations and arrangements that are known as the Status Quo. In Statu Quo serves as a platform to examine how this spatio-political phenomenon has transformed the local landscape. Through five case studies, it follows the processes through which monumental sites are shaped. It suggests not only the instrumental use of architecture to lay claims in conflicts but also its capacity to negotiate between different identities through spatial occurrences and programmatic possibilities.

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Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura