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Atelier Peter Zumthor

Dreams and promises - Models of Atelier Peter Zumthor

Peter Zumthor 


In the book Thinking Architecture, Zumthor says: “In a society that celebrates the inessential, architecture can put up a resistance, counteract the waste of forms and meanings, and speak its own language. I believe that the language of architecture is not a question of a specific style. Every building is built for a specific use in a specific place and for a specific society. My buildings try to answer the questions that emerge from these simple facts as precisely and critically as they can”. Steeped in Heidegger, his thinking is fundamentally connected to the experience of place. For him, places and spaces are stored in our bodies and are the fertile ground and starting points of his work... “the thought process is not abstract, but works with spatial images. It has sensuous components”. His highly articulated haptic sense allows him to be in his future-imagined spaces, while simultaneously being in previous experiences. He invents spaces that he hopes someone “... will remember with pleasure...”. In this Exhibition, Zumthor sets out a workshop of his models for us to enjoy, allowing us the opportunity to explore his own journey from thoughts and memories to actuality, to his spaces that nourish the soul.

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Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura