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The Factory Floor

Jane Issler Hall; Mathew Leung; Alice Edgerley; Adam Willis; Fran Edgerley; Amica Dall; Giles Smith; James Binning; Paloma Strelitz; Lewis Jones; Joseph Halligan; Louis Schulz; Maria Lisogorskaya; Karim Khelil; Anthony Engi Meacock


Attending a lecture by two members of the young, intelligent, London-based Assemble, the speakers do not give their own names. They are a collective, merging their individual identities into Assemble. They present a number of their projects: the 2015 Turner Prize winning Granby Four Streets, Liverpool; the Cineroleum; and Folly for a Flyover – a motorway undercroft in London, which forms a new public space. They re-think situations, they invent. The architecture critic Rowan Moore writes that: “Assemble represents values profoundly opposite to those of the current directions of property and planning and of the architects who serve them. Where high land values in southern England and other parts of the country are squeezing out most things to which a price cannot be attached, they champion the unquantifiable benefits of, in particular, human society, of people enjoying life together because it is better than doing it on their own”. Their exhibit, The Factory Floor, presented in the Sala Chini involves thousands of clay tiles, which creates a distinctive territory through material alone. Developed by Granby Workshop Liverpool, each tile captures a moment of chance in the act of making. After this Biennale Architettura, these unique tiles will be installed permanently in the garden at the V-A-C Foundation in Venice.

Central Pavilion
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Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura