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Studio Paola Viganò

The Biopolitical Garden

  • TUE - SUN
    22/05 > 31/07
    11 am - 7 pm

    01/08 > 21/11
    10 am - 6 pm
  • Central Pavilion
  • Admission with ticket

Paola Viganò (Italian, b.1961) with Alessio Tamiazzo (Italian, b.1990), Simona Bodria (Italian, b.1976), Qinyi Zhang (Chinese, b.1985), Laura Dalla Pietà, (Italian b.1990), Bertrand Plevinski (Belgian, b.1989), Mathilde Meurice (French, b.1995) of Studio Paola Viganò (Italy, est.2015), in collaboration with Tommaso Pietropolli (Italian, b.1989) of Lab-U (Switzerland, est.2013) and Habitat Research Center (Switzerland, est.2017) at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL (Switzerland, est.1969)



Delving into new ways of cohabitation and the redefinition of borders, distances, porosities, among and between contrasting and disparate proximities—of individuals, groups, society, species, and practices in space—will define the distance between the current and future city. To interrogate those modalities reopens the debate on the role of architecture, urbanism, landscape design in the frame of a larger biopolitical project that concerns living entities and bodies within space. In this installation, the biopolitical space is considered not only as a coercive instrument, a control apparatus exerted over a population, but as a powerful reservoir of possibilities for the subjects to emancipate themselves, among humans and between human and non-human species. The Biopolitical Garden, heterogeneous and varied as all gardens are, is a space of coexistence and is about spaces of coexistence: objects, lives, desires, practices shaping and interacting in the same space.
The Biopolitical Garden exhibits different ideas about the design of the transition as a new biopolitical project. It is a light and permeable shelf, a scaffold in dialogue with the walls, the passages, the floor, and the sky that orients the reading.

Production credits

Prototypes of the transition Soil and Labour: a Vision for the Grand Genève
2018-2021 Habitat Research Center, EPFL with the students of the Design Studios BA 5-6, MA 1-2, SAR-IA (in the frame of the Prospective Visions for Great Geneva - The Eco-Century Prohect®, Fondation Braillard Architectes, Geneva
HRC: Paola Viganò (HRC director, LAB-U), Vincent Kaufmann (HRC-LASUR), Alexandre Buttler (HRC-ECOS), Luca Pattaroni (HRC-LASUR), Corentin Fivet (HRC-SXL) with Roberto Sega (HRC e.b., LAB-U, coordinator of the team), Martina Barcelloni Corte (HRC executive board coordinator), Qinyi Zhang (HRC e.b., LAB-U), Tommaso Pietropolli (LAB-U, co-coordinator of the team)
External experts: Pascal Boivin (inTNE-HEPIA, HES-SO Genève), Olivier Crevoisier (Université de Neuchâtel), Walter R. Stahel (Product-Life Institute), Jonathan Normand (B Lab Switzerland), Isabel Claus, Marie Velardi With: Fazaneh Bahrami (Université de Groningen), Chiara Cavalieri (Université Catholique de Louvain), Thomas Guillaume, Shin A. Koseki (HRC e.b.), Delphine Rime (Université de Bern), Matthew Skjonsberg (HRC e.b.), Marine Durand (LAB-U), Sylvie Nguyen (LAB-U), Eloy Llevat Soy (Politecnico di Torino), Irène Desmarais
Client: Fondation Braillard Architectes, Genève

Brest 2050 city landscape in transition
Vision and Strategies
Studio018-021PaolaViganò (ongoing)
Paola Viganò, Alessia Calò, Morvan Rabin, Pietro Manaresi, Mathilde Meurice, Bertrand Plewinski, Etienne Schillers, Laure Thierrée With: Idea Consult, Egis, Scopic, Guam Conseil
Client: Brest Métropole

Utopia for our time
‘War on Poverty’
Towards a Research on Appalachia
2017 University of Virginia Paola Viganò (Thomas Jefferson Visiting Professor), with Anthony Averbeck, Lecturer UVA, Roberto Sega, Visiting Ph.D. EPFL and the students of UVA: Batul Abbas, Joshua Aronson, Joseph Brookover, Luke Harris, Laurence Holland, Jennifer Hsiaw, Elizabeth Kulesza, Lemara Miftakhova, Shannon Ruhl, Christian Storch, Xiang Zhao, Bonnie Kate Walker

Water Coexistences
2018-2021 EMU – European Master in Urbanism, IUAV
Teaching Staff: Paola Viganò, Alvise Pagnacco, Irene Guida, Riccardo Avella. Students: Flore Guichot, Francesco Lombardi, Nathan Fredrick (EMU), Martina Princivalle (MA) and with the contribution of BA students (teaching staff: Paola Viganò, Anna Livia Friel, Alessio Tamiazzo)

Design a Horizontal Metropolis Brussels 2040: A Metropolitan Vision
The Horizontal Metropolis
Studio010-012 Secchi-Viganò
Bernardo Secchi, Paola Viganò, Myron Devolder, Emmanuel Giannotti, Michele Girelli, Chunxiao Liang, Carlo Pisano, Ana Rafful, Veronica Saddi, Wim Wambecq, Qinyi Zhang
With: Creat- Centre d’Études en Aménagement du Territoire, Egis Mobilité, TU München (Department of Building Climatology and Building Services) and Ingenieurbüro Hausladen GMBH, Karbon’, IDEA Consult
Client: Brussels Capital Region

Antwerp Park Spoor Noord
A central place for villages and metropolis on a dismissed railway site
Studio03-08 Secchi-Viganò
Bernardo Secchi, Paola Viganò, Elisa Alfier, Kaat Boon, Andrea Carlesso, Giovanni De Roia, Umberta Dufour, Lorenzo Fabian, Tommaso Fait, Steven Geeraert, Anna Moro, Christian Nitti, Günter Pusch, Uberto degli Uberti, Kasumi Yoshida, Giambattista Zaccariotto
With: Pieter Kromwijk, Rob Cuyvers, Iris Consulting, Frans Steffens, Dirk Jaspaert
Client: Antwerp Municipality
Photos: Teresa Cos

Mechelen Three Squares
A system of public spaces
Studio00-012 Secchi-Viganò
Bernardo Secchi, Paola Viganò, Kaat Boon, Matteo D’Ambros, Giovanni De Roia, Umberta Dufour, Lorenzo Fabian, Steven Geeraert, Rita Miglietta, Pieter Ochelen, Günter Pusch, Uberto degli Uberti, Wim Wambecq, Kasumi Yoshida, Giambattista Zaccariotto
With: N.V. Giluco, D+A consult nv
Client: Mechelen Municipality

Antwerp Theatre Square
‘Spazio s-misurato’
Studio05-10 Secchi-Viganò
Bernardo Secchi, Paola Viganò, Steven Geeraert, Emmanuel Giannotti, Günter Pusch, Uberto degli Uberti, Kasumi Yoshida With: Dirk Jaspaert and Marc de Kooning (BAS), Dries Beys (ARA)
Client: Antwerp Municipality
Photos: Teresa Cos, Tom Cortoos

De Hoge Rielen educational center masterplan and projects.
Sharing a forest, living together
Studio 02-014 Secchi-Viganò; Studio015-018
PaolaViganò Bernardo Secchi, Paola Viganò, Umberta Dufour, Lorenzo Fabian, Tommaso Fait, Steven Geeraert, Emmanuel Giannotti, Griet Lambrechts, Tullia Lombardo, Stefano Peluso, Günter Pusch, Pieter Thibaut, Uberto degli Uberti, Guillaume Vanneste, Wim Wambecq, Maarten Wauters, Kasumi Yoshida, Giambattista Zaccariotto, Qinyi Zhang
With: Dirk Jaspaert and Marc de Kooning (BAS), Dries Beys (ARA)
Client: Flemish Government, AFM
Photos: Frederik Buyckx

Kortrijk Cemetery
A place in the landscape
Studio96-00 Secchi-Viganò
Bernardo Secchi, Paola Viganò, Giovanna Comana, Greta Giunta, Nardo Goffi, Giorgio Manzoni, Barbara Martino, Annacarla Secchi, Tom van Mighiem
With: Ann Cnockaert, Phlippe Cnockaert, Griet Robyn, Paul Vandeputte
Artist: Paul Van Rafaelghem («The table»)
Client: Kortrijk Municipality
Photos: Syb’l S.- Pictures, Carine Demeter

Tournai Station Square and the “Rue Royale”
A public space for a city in transition
Studio018-021PaolaViganò (on going)
Paola Viganò, Etienne Schillers, Qinyi Zhang, Uberto degli Uberti, Pietro Manaresi, Mathilde Meurice
With: SWECO, Yellow Window, Aliwen, D2S international, AG licht, EnergyConsulting
Client: Tournai Municipality, SNCB, SPW, TEC

Regatta Village and Park
Public spaces and a park along the Galgenweel
Studio07-014 Secchi-Viganò, Studio015-021Paola Viganò (ongoing)
Bernardo Secchi, Paola Viganò, Simona Bodria, Uberto degli Uberti, Jordi De Vlam, Myron Devolder, Maarten Wauters; Steven Geeraert, Stefano Peluso, Gunther Pusch, Ana Rafful, Kasumi Yoshida, Guillarme Vanneste; Qinyi Zhang, Matthias Lamberts
With: ARA (park), SWECO (village public space)
Client: Vooruitzicht SA, City of Antwerp

Peterbos, Anderlecht - Brussels Capital Region, public space masterplan and projects
Living in the Park, Inhabiting the City
Studio019-021PaolaViganò (ongoing)
Paola Viganò, Bertrand Plevinski, Pietro Manaresi, Mathilde Meurice, Stefano Gariglio, Eugénie Laharotte
With: vvv - Nicolas Willemet, Guillaume Vanneste, Mathieu Auquier And with: ARA, Brat
Client: Anderlecht Municipality, Brussels Capital Region

OVK – Future scenarios for the core region of East Flanders
Three worldviews on sustainable development
Studio018Paola Viganò
Paola Viganò, Kasumi Yoshida, Uberto degli Uberti, Etienne Schillers, Jordi De Vlam, Qinyi Zhang
With: Architecture Workroom Brussels
Client: IABR and Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen
Eurometropolis Lille-Tournai-Kortrijk, a vision for a dispersed metropolis
The Blue Space
Studio015-018Paola Viganò
Paola Viganò, Michaël Stas, Etienne Schillers and Chiara Cavalieri (EPFL)
With the participation of: ENSAP Lille, EPFL Lausanne, IUAV Venice, UCL Tournai, Ugent
Client: Eurometropolis Lille-Tournai-Kortrijk

Rethinking Wallonia: three images
Val de Sambre development plan
New life-cycles
Paola Viganò, Alessia Calò, Bertrand Plewinski, Morvan Rabin
With: Idea Consult
Client: Sambreville Municipalitiy

Rethinking Wallonia: three images
La Louvière 2050, a vision for the transition
Studio018-021PaolaViganò (ongoing)
Paola Viganò, Alessia Calò, Achille Pelletier, Klara Sladeckova
With: Idea Consult, ICEDD
Client: La Louvière Municipality

Rethinking Wallonia: three images
Herstal, Liège, site requalification of ACEC former industrial area
Green Life
Studio017-018Paola Viganò
Paola Viganò, Alessia Calò, Bertrand Plewinski, Morvan Rabin
With: Idea Consult, SWECO, Rsk Benelux sprl, Origin Architecture & Engineering
Client: Herstal Municipality, SPI

Video Credits: Maarten Verstraete, editor

Towards an urbanism of the living soil ZAC de la Courrouze, Rennes and Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande
Living in the city, inhabiting a park
Studio 03-014 Secchi-Viganò, Studio015-021PaolaViganò (ongoing)
Bernardo Secchi, Paola Viganò, Simona Bodria, Alessia Calò, Andrea Carlesso, Dao Ming Chang, Irene Cogliano, Giovanna Comana, Marine Durand, Stefania Dussin, Tommaso Fait, Carla Greco, Stella Armeli Iapichino, Griet Lambrechts, Adrien Lefèvre, Carlo Neidhart, Christian Nitti, Alvise Pagnacco, Tommaso Pietropolli, Larisa Rudko, Ani Tafilica, Alessio Tamiazzo, Uberto degli Uberti, Silvia Urbano, Kasumi Yoshida
With: Charles Dard, Amco
And with: Pierre Bazin-Aubépine, Gwenael Desnos Client: Rennes Métropole
Photos: Fabrizio Stipari

Progetto Flaminio, Rome. Masterplan
The city is a renewable resource
Studio015-021PaolaViganò (ongoing)
Paola Viganò, Uberto degli Uberti, Kasumi Yoshida, Alessio Tamiazzo; Concorso: Paola Viganò, Simona Bodria, Uberto degli Uberti, Laura-May Dessagne, Kasumi Yoshida, Alessio Tamiazzo with Rina Consulting

Video Credits: Maarten Verstraete, editor

If not specified otherwise and for all other credits: StudioPaolaViganò

Central Pavilion
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Biennale Architettura
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