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Biennale Architettura 2021

Sport Platform

Architekt Christoph Lechner & Partners


Christoph Lechner (Austrian, b.1966) of Architekt Christoph Lechner & Partners (Austria, est.2012) in collaboration with Georg Wizany (Austrian, b.1980) and Reto Schindler (Austrian, b.1965) of Architekt Christoph Lechner & Partners, curatorial project Kevin Moore (American, b.1964) and Trevor Smith (American) and the Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum (Qatar), the Institute of Sport Sciences at the University of Vienna (Austria, est.1977) and Park Books (Switzerland, est.2012)



Sport has long been an intrinsic part of human culture, with myriads of formations according to specific societies that populate and have populated our globe. Part of living together is playing together and watching play. Sport Platform is an installation that considers the two upcoming sport mega-events: the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and their architectures and urban designs. Two pillars advertize popular sport and culture in Doha and Tokyo. The collage-like ball-wall reflects and illustrates sport in relation to the globe, the idea of nations coming together in the architecture and environment of sport, the real object, memorabilia, the star, the local, and the downsides of sport. A vignette display case shows a football star who, after retiring from his sport, became an architect and designed a stadium. Two seats from that stadium became an installation. The floor of the Sport Platform is an all-sports-field. The people wall towards the Giardini, made out of bright yellow concrete formwork boards is a grandstand in itself, showcasing people on the risers. Steps invite visitors to sit and observe the play. The making of the Sport Platform is team play.

With the additional support of

Josef PRÖDL Tischlerei GmbH

Production credits

Principal: Christoph Lechner
Studio: Architekt Christoph Lechner & Partners, Vienna
Exhibition Design Collaborators: Georg Wizany, Reto Schindler
Curatorial Project: Kevin Moore, Trevor Smith
Contributions Content, Research, Design: Mahfoud Amara, Simona Azzali, Alfred Berger (Berger+Parkkinnen), Raoul Bukor (Lindle & Bukor), Zhao Chen, Tony Collins, Bernhard Hachleitner, Thomas Haunschmid, Hardy Hanappi, Roman Horak, John Hughson, Hiroto Kobayashi, Geoffrey Kohe, Christoph Lechner, Flora Lechner, Matthias Marschik, Kevin Moore, Rudolf Müllner, Andy Mytom, Mike O’Mahony, Akira Okaji, Killi Okaji, Stacey Pope, Erich Prödl, August Sarnitz, Dariusz Sosinka, Trevor Smith, Toshio Tsushima, Jean Williams, Georg Wizany, Thomas Wizany
Institutions: Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, University of Vienna, Institute of Sport Sciences, Park Books, Zürich

Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura