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a seam, a surface, a hinge or a knot

Commissioner: Directorate-General for the Arts.
Curator: João Ribas.
Exhibitor: Leonor Antunes.
Venue: Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, San Marco 2893


a seam, a surface, a hinge or a knot. Engaging the histories of art, architecture, and design, Leonor Antunes reflects on the functions of everyday objects, contemplating their potential to be materialised as abstract sculptures. a seam, a surface, a hinge or a knot continues Antunes’ interest in the work of important figures in the Venetian context, such as Carlo Scarpa, Savina Masieri and Egle Trincanato. Antunes is interested in how craftsmanship traditions from various cultures intersect within this history. Elements of the exhibition are fabricated with Falegnameria Augusto Capovilla, one of the still-active Venetian carpentries that worked closely with Scarpa. The exhibition engages the history of Masieri’s commissioning of Frank Lloyd Wright and Scarpa, and the designs of Trincanato, the author of a study on popular Venetian architecture.

Venezia, San Marco 2893
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte