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The Revolving World

Commissioner: Vimolluck Chuchat, Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture, Thailand.
Curator: Tawatchai Somkong.
Exhibitors: Somsak Chowtadapong, Panya Vijinthanasarn, Krit Ngamsom.
Venue: In Paradiso Gallery, Castello 1260


The Revolving World. Stories, truth and history are inventions related to reality. They are inseparable and interconnected. This art exhibition presents stories, truth, and history related to the Kingdom of Thailand, about the interpretation of the three aforementioned creations. At its basis are the social and cultural contexts, the national discourse, and the dynamics of the relationship between Thailand and other countries.
Stories, truth, and history vary according to the social context of the time. Time is the composer that weaves everything together, and the present will become the past of the upcoming future. As long as the world keeps turning around, one can only witness these changes in silence.

Venezia, Castello 1260
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte