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Syrian Arab Republic

Syrian Civilization is still alive

Commissioner/Curator: Emad Kashout. 
Exhibitors: Abdalah Abouassali, Giacomo Braglia, Ibrahim Al Hamid, Chen Huasha, Saed Salloum, Xie Tian, Saad Yagan, Giuseppe Biasio, Primo Vanadia.
Venue: Isola di San Servolo and Chiesetta della Misericordia, Campo de l’Abazia, Cannaregio

NOTICE: due to the exceptional bad weather, the Pavilion closed on Friday, November 15th.


Syrian Civilization is still alive. Syria did not officially adopt or encourage a specific artistic trend. The artists in our country tend to do research, conduct experimentation, and renew, inspired by the rich, creative heritage of their own civilisation and that of others. The diverse places where Syrian artists have studied, and the breadth of their connection with other artistic experiences around the world, through their participation in international art forums has contributed to the unique art of this region. Since 2007, Syria has taken part in the Biennale Arte, with Syrian and International artists together in the pavilion.
ln this edition, Syria is particularly grateful to its motherland artists: Saad Yagan’s reliance on the humanitarian presence in painting; Ibrahim Hamid, inspired by the local heritage; Abdalah Aboussali’s realism; and Saed Salloum’s abstraction, oriented towards surreal worlds.

Venezia, Cannaregio Misericordia
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte