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FILM: Bobbi Jene

2017, 95’

directed by Elvira Lind
produced by Julie Leerskov & Sara Stockmann
film editor Adam Nielsen
cinematographer Elvira Lind
music composed and performed by Uno Helmersson
sound designer Martin Sandström & Jacques Pedersen
co-producer Mathilde Dedye


When American dancer Bobbi Jene turns thirty, she decides that after ten years in Tel Aviv it is her last call to return to the US and establish herself as an independent artist. She buys a one- way ticket and hands in her resignation, saying goodbye to a solid position in one of the world’s leading dance companies. But at the 11th hour a much younger and very charming dancer from Jerusalem arrives at the company and Bobbi falls deeply in love. Suddenly, a distant dream from her Midwestern childhood of becoming a white bride and having children jeopardises her plans for creative independence. In desperation, she decides that against all odds she may be able to have it all and holds on to both the man and the new career path.
The film follows Bobbi’s journey as she returns to a country she left behind, reuniting with her Catholic parents, and creates an intense solo piece that severely tests her own pain threshold and emotional endurance. But as she begins to unlock an American audience and propels herself into the New York art scene, she also addresses the personal sacrifices she made to get there.

Arsenale - Giardino Marceglia

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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Biennale Danza
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