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Claudia Castellucci - Fisica dell’aspra comunione

(2020, 40’)

Dance by:Compagnia Mòra
Choreography:Claudia Castellucci
Music:Olivier Messiaen
Piano:Matteo Ramon Arevalos
With a musical fastigio by:Stefano Bartolini
With:Sissj Bassani, Silvia Ciancimino, René Ramos, Francesca Siracusa, Pier Paolo Zimmermann
Technical director and lighting:Eugenio Resta
Technical management:Francesca Di Serio, Gionni Gardini, Caterina Soranzo
Production director:Benedetta Briglia
Organization:Camilla Rizzi
Co-production:La Biennale di Venezia
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Claudia Castellucci presents Fisica dell’aspra comunione, based on pieces from the Catalogue des oiseaux by Olivier Messiaen performed live by pianist Matteo Ramon Arevalos. A dramaturg, choreographer and pedagogue, Claudia Castellucci has built an architecture of theory and practice based on absolute rigour: a school and a company, essays and lessons that advance her reflections upon the concept of time and rhythmic movement in relation to music, which have found a natural impulse in Messiaen, the inventor of personal rhythmic processes.

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Biennale Danza
Biennale Danza