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Matteo Carvone - [FAUN]

Direction, choreography, scenography: Matteo Carvone
Performers:Guido Badalamenti, Matteo Carvone
Lighting design:Jakob Bogensperger
Sound:Josy Friebel
Stage director:David Cahier
Assistant choreographer:Alessio Attanasio
Production:Matteo Carvone
Supported by:Gasteig München GmbH
Funded by:City of Munich - Department of Arts and Culture


[FAUN] is an oneiric journey to discover the multifaceted, plural figure of the god Pan, a mysterious creature half goat and half man in the primordial zoo of the Gods, eternally in pursuit of the elusive object of his desires, the Nymph. Pan, on the microphone-wired artificial grass, is nature, a kind of nature that screams and leads to primordial and divine panic.

Matteo Carvone

“I am in search of a type of theatre in which dance, words and installation have equal footing, a ‘theatre of images’ where the logic of dramaturgy illuminates the process of creation. I have no story in my theatre, what I have is a material desire to create archetypal characters that exist within the time and space of a performance. I believe in a non-elitist type of art, that speaks to crowds, in an artist who knows how to connect the mind and the gut through the heart. I believe in the craftsmanship of work and I firmly believe in the sacredness of the language of the body”.

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Biennale Danza
Biennale Danza