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Ensemble Itinéraire

El juego y el fin


Daniel Alvarado Bonilla (1985) Fábulas (de duendes, valles y duraznos) (2017, 10’)
for flute, percussion, viola, cello and double bass - Italian premiere
commissioned by Nova et Vetera

Leonardo Idrobo (1977) Defiendo el viento (2018, 12’)
for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello and double bass - world premiere
commissioned by L’Itinéraire

Daniel Zea Gomez (1976) El Dorado (2010, 7’)
for violin, cello and double bass - Italian premiere

Luis Fernando Rizo-Salom (1971-2013) El Juego (2011, 13’)
for bass flute, percussion, piano, violin, cello - Italian premiere
commissioned by Shizuoka Concert Hall

Juan Camilo Hernández Sánchez (1982) Negantrópico (2017, 13’)
for flute, cello, percussion, ondes Martenot and real time electronics - Italian premiere
commissioned by Nova et Vetera

Marco Suárez-Cifuentes (1974) Tétramorphes (Revelo I) (2017, 16’)
lyric and visual performance for voice, bass clarinet, percussion, ondes Martenot, cello and electroacoustic device - Italian premiere
commissione Nova et Vetera


Anne Mercier violin
Lucia Peralta viola
Myrtille Hetzel cello
Rémi Magnan double bass
Julie Brunet-Jailly flute
Pierre Genisson clarinet
Fuminori Tanada piano
Christophe Bredeloup, Benoît Masson percussion
Nathalie Forget ondes Martenot
Juan Camilo Hernández Sánchez real time electronics (Negantrópico)
Marco Suarez-Cifuentes computer and instrumental design (Tétramorphes)
Nieto stage direction, set design, visual devices (Tétramorphes)
Arnaud de la Celle sound engineer
Elise Chauvin soprano
Mathieu Romano conductor


A historic ensemble dedicated to the performance of new music, the Ensemble Itinéraire offers a new and significant overview of contemporary music in Colombia.

Fábulas (de duendes, valles y duraznos) by Alvarado Bonilla is animated by the contrast between energetic bursts and mesmerizing and almost ritual moments; Defiendo el viento by Idrobo uses the energy of sound movement to represent the “bow echo” effect produced by the destructive force of several storms; El Dorado by Zea Gomez refers to the paradoxical clash between two cultures – that of the South American natives and that of the Spanish conquistadores – about the meaning of gold; in El juego by Rizo-Salom, dedicated to the victims of the earthquake in Japan in 2011, five different musical situations are linked in an uninterrupted sequence; Negantrópico by Hernández Sánchez relies on a sound dystopia to explore man’s loss of control over technology; Tétramorphes (Revelo I) by Suárez-Cifuentes is the first panel of Revelo, a performance conceived as a geometrically variable artistic installation rather than a theatre production.

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