fbpx Advance ticket sales for the Biennale Danza begin Thursday May 3
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Advance ticket sales for the Biennale Danza begin Thursday May 3
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Advance ticket sales for the Biennale Danza begin Thursday May 3

Furthermore, early bird ticket sales begin for some performances and concerts of the Biennale Teatro and the Biennale Musica.

Advance ticket sales begin for the Dance Music and Theatre Festivals of the Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta.
Starting Thursday May 3rd, advance ticket sales will open for tickets and subscription passes for the performances of the 12th International Festival of Contemporary Dance (22 June > 1 July).
Furthermore, for the entire month of May, early bird ticket specials will be offered for five plays of the 46th International Theatre Festival (20 July > 5 August) and for two concerts of the 62nd International Festival of Contemporary Music (28 September > 7 October) at the special price of 10 euro each.

Audience in residence

A new feature of the Festivals includes the audience in residence, a special promotional action designed to accompany festival-goers: “Something more than just a festival pass – stated Paolo  Baratta –, its purpose is to offer a more in-depth and participatory involvement with the Festival, and various opportunities to meet and engage in dialogue with the artists, with our directors and with the visitors to the events themselves.”

The accreditation of the “AUDIENCE IN RESIDENCE”, dedicated to visitors under the age of 30, allows a total 360-degree involvement in the Dance Festival: Elisa Guzzo Vaccarino, an author of essays and dance critic, will be the tutor guiding the spectators through a structured sequence of seven performances (at the special price of 35 euro), meetings with the director Marie Chouinard and the many other protagonists, and moments of dialogue, debate and further exploration into different themes: from the rehearsals to the films, to the encounters. The accreditation also allows purchase of reduced price tickets for the other performances and for the 16th International Architecture Exhibition. A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the experience.

Biennale Danza

On stage in Venice from June 22nd to July 1st, the 12th International Festival of Contemporary Dance directed by Marie Chouinard, is the “second chapter” of an overview of choreography today, with historically important figures such as Meg Stuart, the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, Deborah Hay, choreographer for the Cullbergbaletten, and Marie Chouinard herself who brings to the Biennale the world premiere of her new production, Solos et duos. With them, many renowned figures, some of them familiar to our theatre-goers and others new to Italy and to the Biennale: from Israel Galván and Xavier Le Roy to Faye Driscoll, Frédérick Gravel, Jacques Poulin-Denis, Mette Ingvartsen, and Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Silver Lion for this edition of the Festival. Among the youngest artists are Francesca Foscarini and thirty-year old Irina Baldini – the revelation of last year's Biennale College. Finally, the talents for this year's edition of the Biennale College: choreographers Maria Chiara De’ Nobili, Ezgi Gungor, Rebecca Jensen with three original works, and 15 young dancers performing in the 24 Préludes de Chopin by Marie Chouinard and the new creation by Daina Ashbee.

Biennale Teatro

Dedicated to the theme of actor/performer, the 46th International Theatre Festival directed by Antonio Latella, to be held in Venice from July 20th to August 5th, will present performances and artists from around the world, bringing together choreography, directing, music, plastic arts, juggling acts, puppet theatre, mime.

Five performances among the titles in the programme are offered at the special price of 10 euro each (50% off the full price), in the "early bird" special, for a limited number of seats that may be purchased online on La Biennale website (www.labiennale.org) from May 3rd to May 31st.

The shows included in the special offer are:

  • ORESTEA Agamennone, Schiavi, Conversio in the version interpreted by Anagoor, the theatre collective winner of the Silver Lion, of the tragedy by Aeschilus (Teatro alle Tese, July 20th).
  • Fratto X by duo Antonio Rezza and Flavia Mastrella, authors of a unique form of theatre that won them the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement (Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, July 21st).
  • Spettri (Ghosts) by Ibsen, a theatre classic adapted and directed by Leonardo Lidi, winner of the 2017 competition dedicated by the Biennale College Theatre to directors under the age of 30; it will feature the quartet of actors Michele Di Mauro, Christian La Rosa, Mariano Pirrello, Matilde Vigna (Tese dei Soppalchi, July 21st and 22nd).
  • How did I die by Davy Pieters, the thirty-year old Dutch director in Italy for the first time. With  a technique inspired by videotape, Davy offers an exciting reconstruction of a crime from various points of view, addressing the theme of reality, of how a reconstruction can take us closer or even farther from the truth (Teatro alle Tese, July 27th).

Biennale Musica

Dedicated to the musical influences between Europe and the Americas, with a more ample idea of the concept of the contemporary, in the thought of Director Ivan Fedele, the 62nd International Festival of Contemporary Music, titled Crossing the Atlantic, will take place in Venice from September 28th to October 7th.

Two concerts will be offered at the special price of 10 euro (instead of 20 euro). The early bird special is valid for a limited number of seats and may be purchased online on the Biennale website (www.labiennale.org) from May 3rd to 31st.

The two concerts are:

  • Victor Wooten, listed by “Rolling Stone” magazine as one of the ten best bassists of all time and voted Bassist of the Year three times by the readers of “Bass Player” magazine, in a trio at the Teatro Toniolo in Mestre for the European premiere of his latest recording, Trypnotyx  (October 5th).
  • Aliados a multimedia opera based on the real story of the meeting between Augusto Pinochet and Margaret Thatcher, the allies in the title, during the Falkland Island conflict: author Sebastian Rivas, the Silver Lion recipient of the Festival, with a past as a rock and jazz musician, now experiments with digital, acoustic and electronic music (Teatro Goldoni, October 6th).

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