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Biennale College - Teatro: a call for young Italian directors
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Biennale College - Teatro: a call for young Italian directors

Call addressed to Italian directors aged 18 - 30 for the production of a new project.

Deadline for applications: 3 April.

Young Italian directors

La Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta, announces the program of the Biennale College – Theatre and the launch of the first call addressed to Italian directors, that will be open from 4 March to 3 April 2017.

The call, according to the project by Director Antonio Latella, is aimed at Italian directors aged between 18 and 30. Directors will have to submit a new project or a project that has not been performed in its final version yet.

The first section of the Biennale College - Theatre - Directors will develop over the 2017-2018 period and will be articulated in different phases to take place in Venice:

- the first phase will take place in May including the first directors selected, up to a maximum of 30: five directors will then be selected;
- the second phase will feature the five selected directors and the presentation of the first stages of their projects (approx. 30 minutes’ duration) with the participation of the attendees and the masters who will take part in the activities of the Biennale Teatro 2017 and in the College. A single winning director will be selected out of this phase;
- in the third phase, the winning director will work on his/her show, developing all of its aspects with the support of the Theatre department artistic director, Antonio Latella. The director will be given a production bonus for a maximum of 110,000 Euro;
- the fourth phase will feature the work in the program of the Biennale Teatro 2018.

Biennale College - Teatro

The Biennale di Venezia has consolidated its mission in all its departments. In addition to its work to promote knowledge among the general public (Exhibitions and Festivals) it has introduced a strategic programme dedicated to young artists. Known as the Biennale College, this programme is underway in the fields of Dance, Theatre, Music and Cinema.

To encourage young talents by offering them the opportunity to work side by side with the Masters to develop “creations”. This is the spirit of the Biennale College, a well-appointed bridge that allows young people who wish to engage in one of the arts to do so under the finest conditions that an international institution can offer.