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Figures of the 6th edition of the Venice Production Bridge
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Figures of the 6th edition of the Venice Production Bridge

The initiative was held from 2-7 September 2021 in the context of the 78th Venice Film Festival.

Figures of the
Venice Production Bridge

The 6th Venice Production Bridge – the festival’s film market evolution into a specialized meeting point for completing projects – was held from 2 to 7 September, 2021 within the 78th Venice International Film Festival.

These are the figures of the 2021 VENICE PRODUCTION BRIDGE in comparison to 2020:

Industry Delegates
Collected Passes as of 11 Sept. 2020: Industry Gold 398
As of 8 Sept.2021: Industry Gold 780

Collected Passes as of 11 Sept. 2020: Industry Trade 279
As of 8 Sept. 2021: Industry Trade 515

Collected Passes as of 11 Sept. 2020: Industry Professional 349
As of 8 Sept. 2021: Industry Professional 519

Collected Passes as of 11 Sept. 2020: Online VPB 289
As of 8 Spt. 2021: Industry Online VPB 187

Total 2020: 1315
Total 2021: 2001

This is an increase of 52,16%



238 projects were submitted to the pre-selection of the Venice Gap Financing Market (262 in 2020), of these 77 by female directors and 179 by male directors. 43 projects were selected, of which 30 Fiction and Documentary and 13 VR Immersive Story projects. Out of these 19 by female directors and 26 by male directors.

The 43 Fiction and Documentary and VR Immersive Story projects, plus 11 Biennale College VR and 3 Biennale College Cinema  projects were presented across 3 days (50 in-person and 7 online) and 949 one-to-one meetings have been organized  (614 in 2020).

This is an increase in meetings of 54,56%

The Venice Gap-Financing Market has been supported by the European Commission -Creative Europe and its MEDIA programme.




26 publishers participated in the market (18 in 2020): 23 in-person on-site and 3 online. A total of 415 one-to-one meetings (172 in 2020) were organised with producers for the adaptation from page to the screen of literary rights.

This is an increase in meetings of 141,27 %



FINAL CUT IN VENICE (5 - 7 September)

The Venice Production Bridge has organized the 9th edition of its workshop programme, Final Cut in Venice (September 5 - 7). 46 projects were submitted (18 by female directors and 30 by male directors), out of which 6 projects were selected (2 by female directors and 4 by male directors).

On the 5th and 6th of September, the 6 works-in-progress were presented in Sala Pasinetti (Palazzo del Cinema) and online on the VPB website, followed by a Q&A, while on the 7th of September one-to-one meetings are organized between the project teams and financiers.

A total of 31 one-to-one meetings were organized (21 in 2020).

This is an increase in meetings of 47,61 %

The Awards of Final Cut in Venice 2021



VOD MARKET DAYS (5 - 6 September)

16 Video-on-Demand platforms participated in the market, 10 in person and 6 online. 113 one-to-one meetings were organised with distributors (compared to just 47 in 2020).

This is an increase in meetings of 140,42 %



The VPB has once again welcomed a considerable number of key Industry players and decision makers in order to cover all the initiatives. The professionals who participated in the one-to-one meetings of the Venice Gap-Financing Market, Book Adaptation Rights Market, Final Cut in Venice and Online VPB Market screenings were producers, distributors, financiers, institutions, broadcasters, sales agents, VR experts from companies such as Altitude Film Sales, Alpha Violet,  Arte France, Best Friend Forever, Bim Distribuzione, Cattleya, Cercamon, Curzon Artificial Eye, Diaphana, Dogwoof, Epic Games, Fandango, Film4, Films Boutique, Gutek Film, Hanway, Ingenious Media Investments, Les Films Du Losange, Le Pacte, LevelK, Lucky Red, The Match Factory, Memento Films Distribution, MK2, New Europe Film Sales, Netflix, Oculus VR, Orange, Playtime, Pluto Film, Protagonist Pictures, Pyramide International, Rai Cinema, Natexis/Coficiné,  Sky Italia, Studio Canal, True Colours , UGC, Wide, Wild Bunch, ZDF Enterprises.

These were joined by representatives from major festivals, markets and institutes, such as Berlinale, British Film Insitute,  El Gouna Film Festival, Eye Film Museum, IDFA, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Internationale Münchner Filmwochen, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Istituto Luce, Jeonju International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Luxembourg Film Fund, Marrakech Film Festival, MoMA, Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Netherlands Film Fund, New Zealand International Film Festival, Quinzaine des Realisateurs, Red Sea International Film Festival, Sundance, SXSW, San Sebastian Film Festival, Torino Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival,  Viennale, Wallimage amongst many others. 



EUROPEAN FILM FORUM  (September 6th)

Behind the scenes of the screen industry: for an innovative and resilient industry.

In association with the EU's Creative Europe MEDIA Programme, La Biennale di Venezia organized the 7th edition of the European Film Forum (6th September 2021) that gathered key industry leaders from all over the world.

Seizing the opportunity of celebrating the 78th Venice International Film Festival, the event was an opportunity to look into how the audiovisual industry has adapted to the new context and how it is reinventing itself, discussing the challenges and opportunities behind the recovery of the cinematographic industry from the crisis.
The event was opened by Roberto Cicutto, President of La Biennale di Venezia, followed by Giuseppe Abbamonte (European Commission, DG CNECT Director Media Policy) and Nicola Borrelli (Director-General, Cinema and Audiovisual, Ministry of Culture - MiC).
The event was moderated by Marjorie Paillon (producer, I Love Productions) and included the following speakers: Marysabelle Coté (ARTE), Stefano Massenzi (Lucky Red) and Jaume Ripoll (Filmin). The forum concluded with the closing remarks by Massimiliano Smeriglio (MEP & Rapporteur for Creative Europe 2021-2027).



A total of 28 panels and events (27 in 2020), of which 19 international and 17 in streaming on the VPB Live Channel of the Venice Production Bridge.



A total of 21 Online VPB Market Screenings (13 in 2020) were presented through Festival Scope Pro: 1 Venice 78, 2 Out of Competition, 2 Orizzonti, 2 Giornate degli Autori, 2 Venice International Film Critics' Week,  12 screenings of films not in Official Selection.



This year 34 titles have been submitted to the Digital Video Library on the VPB Website through Festival Scope Pro. The titles come from the following sections of the 78th Venice International Film Festival:

12 Orizzonti, 6 Giornate degli Autori, 5 Venice International Critics’ Week, 3 Out of Competition, 3 Final Cut in Venice, 2 Biennale College, 1 Orizzonti Extra, 1 Special Screenings, 1 DVL for titles not in the Official Selection




From July 26 to September 8:
1482 Industry registered delegates had access to the restricted areas of the  website of which 627  have actively used the VGFM1to1, BARM1to1 and the Industry Guide.

Overall the website had 5.337 unique users (3.510  in 2020, increase of 52%), 11.785  sessions (7.702 in 2020, increase of 53%), with 76.773 page views (64.055 in 2020, increase of 19 %).