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Meetings on Architecture – Expanded Programme
Architecture -

Meetings on Architecture – Expanded Programme

A broad programme of Meetings curated by Hashim Sarkis. On Saturday 30 October, Generous Listening Symposium (Teatro Piccolo Arsenale): Live streaming starts at 3 pm CEST.

La Biennale di Venezia announces the updated calendar of the Meetings on Architecture – Expanded Programme, an intense schedule of events that includes the Meetings curated by Hashim Sarkis and a series of events organised by the Participating Countries. Meetings on Architecture – Expanded Programme will liven up the venues of the Giardini and of the Arsenale from 18 September to 21 November 2021.

Meetings on Architecture
curated by Hashim Sarkis


The Meetings will be live streamed on the website and on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.


Wednesday 6 October, 2:30 pm > 6:10 pm
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
Refugees and Reconstructions, a symposium examining the role that architecture could play in addressing the challenges of displacement and reconstruction.

  • Panel 1: Migration, Refugees, and Resettlement
    With James Wescoat, Onno Ruhl (General Manager of the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat), Sheila Kennedy, Viviana d’Auria
  • Panel 2: Post war reconstructions in the Arab World
    With Rashad Salim, Malkit Shoshan
  • Panel 3: Restoration of Craft, Restoration through Craft
    With George Richards, Azra Akšamija, Elias Anastas and Yousef Anastas


Friday 8 October, 5:30 pm > 7 pm
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
The Future Assembly Symposium
Bringing together the participants of Future Assembly (Central Pavilion, Giardini) around the future of the United Nations Assembly.

Participants: Olafur Eliasson, Sebastian Behmann, Kumi Naidoo, Caroline A. Jones


Saturday 30 October, 3 pm > 5 pm
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
Generous Listening Symposium
Vuslat Foundation Special Event

One possible answer to How will we live together? is: through listening generously. This symposium explores whether architecture can offer us some answers, bearings and insights regarding the spatial and other arrangements needed to listen generously.

Keynote: Giuseppe Penone

Speakers: Vuslat Doğan Sabancı, Chus Martínez, Francesco Bergamo, Hashim Sarkis, İnci Eviner, Kenann McKenzie, Merve Yeşilada Çağlar


Saturday 13 November, 3 pm > 5 pm
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
Winner announcement of the Global Lafarge Holcim Awards for sustainable construction 2021


Sunday 14 and Monday 15 November
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
Dimensions of sustainability: ecology, technology, and culture / Designing as one planet: sustainability, technology, and culture
A conference on the different dimensions of sustainability in architecture, from aesthetics, to technologies, to urbanism.

  • Panel 1: Philosophies of Sustainability
  • Panel 2: Art, Culture and Sustainability
  • Panel 3: The Technologies of Sustainability
  • Panel 4: Sustainability and urbanization
  • Panel 5: Ecologies of our global commons


Tuesday 16 November
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
Venice Symposium / La Biennale thinks Venice / Thinking Venice through La Biennale
Conference on how architecture contributes to address the different challenges Venice is facing.

  • With Studio LA
  • With Nicholas de Monchaux, Kathryn Moll and Sandro Bisà
  • With Paola Rizzoli and Laura Fregolent


Saturday 20 November
Teatro Piccolo Arsenale
Looking forward: the education of the architect
Workshop and symposium on the future of architectural education in collaboration with universities from across the world.

  • Panel 1: Education for crises
  • Panel 2: Education for a changing future
  • Panel 3: Education for living together

How to get to the Meetings

The meetings are open to the public free of charge, with reservation required as long as seats are available. Admission to the Biennale Architettura 2021 is not included.

At the entrance, body temperature will be measured and must be no greater than 37.5 °C to allow admission. Each visitor must present an EU Covid Certificate (Green Pass) or equivalent certificate that proves: complete vaccination, administration of the first dose of the vaccine (in the case that the vaccine requires two doses), complete recovery from Covid, or a negative result from a PCR or rapid antigen test taken within 48 hours before the visit. Visitors must present a valid ID together with the certificate. If only the first dose of the vaccine has been administered, the Certification to this effect is issued after 14 days and is valid until the vaccination cycle is completed.

Meetings organized
by the Participating Countries

Saturday September 18, 4.00 pm > 5.30 pm
ASAC Library – Giardini

Meeting-debate: Mies Van Der Rohe 2019

Discussion with Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal (Pritzker Prize 2021), Frederic Druot, Christophe Hutin, moderated by Anna Ramos, Director Mies van der Rohe Foundation

In 2019, the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture / Mies van der Rohe Award brought together 383 works in 238 cities and 38 countries, and focused on the new challenges facing architects, building owners, policy makers and professionals. In selecting the architects Lacaton & Vassal, Frédéric Druot and Christophe Hutin for their rehabilitation of 530 housing units in the Cité du Grand Parc in Bordeaux, it emphasized an approach to the large social housing complexes of the 20th century that avoids their demolition and acts by transformation as close as possible to the inhabitants, to improve living conditions and meet the requirements of sustainable development. To continue to question architectural practices and respond to Hashim Sarkis' "How will we live together?", Christophe Hutin proposed to bring together the prize winners at the Biennale Architettura 2021.

Admission to the ASAC Library in the Central Pavilion requires a ticket to the 17th International Architecture Exhibition and an EU Covid Certificate (Green Pass) or an equivalent certificate recognized by the Italian State. Seating capacity is limited, and reservations, which are required, may be made by writing to event@christophehutin.com while seats last.


Thursday September 23
Portugal Pavilion, Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, San Marco 2893

11 am
Live debate In Conflict - No State Council
With: Ângela Ferreira, Gérard Lambert, Paulo Tavares & Rui Mendes
Organisers: Fernanda Fragateiro & Jorge Carvalho

3 pm

Curatorial Team Carlos Azevedo / João Crisóstomo / Luís Sobral + Miguel Santos
Director-General for the Art Américo Rodrigues
Minister of Culture Graça Fonseca

Presentation of In Conflict catalogue with the curatorial team

4 pm
Guided tour of the exhibition In Conflict with the curatorial team

5 pm


Friday September 24, 11 am
Portugal Pavilion, Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, San Marco 2893

Live debate: In Conflict - Caring Assemblies: Positions on a Space-to-Come
Organisers Bartlebooth – Antonio Giráldez Lópes & Pablo Ibáñez Ferrera
With Cátia Faria, Husos, Isabel Gutiérrez Sánchez & Mariana Pestana


Thursday September 23
Nordic Countries Pavilion, Giardini

10.30 am > 11.00 am
The National Museum introduces Siv Helene Stangeland, partner and creative director, Helen & Hard, in dialogue with cohousing residents

11.00 am > 11.30 am
The National Museum introduces Siv Helene Stangeland, partner and creative director, Helen & Hard, in dialogue with cohousing residents

11.30 am > 11.40 am
Musical Performance: Gebhardt (Håkon Gebhardt, vocal/guitar, Marì Simonelli, keyboard)

12.30 pm > 1.00 pm
The National Museum introduces Siv Helene Stangeland, partner and creative director, Helen & Hard, in dialogue with cohousing residents

1.30 pm > 1.40 pm
Musical Performance: Gebhardt (Håkon Gebhardt, vocal/guitar, Marì Simonelli, keyboard)

3 pm > 3.25 pm

Speeches and greetings by Johan Vibe, Norway’s Ambassador to Italy; Karin Hindsbo, director, the National Museum, Norway; Martin Braathen, senior curator of the exhibition «What we share»
With Abid Raja, Minister of Culture and Equality, Norway
Musical Performance by Gebhardt


Friday September 24
Nordic Countries Pavilion, Giardini

10.30 am > 11.00 am
Siv Helene Stangeland
, partner and creative director, Helen & Hard, and Martin Braathen, senior curator, the National Museum: About the exhibition

11.00 am > 11.30 am
Siv Helene Stangeland, partner and creative director, Helen & Hard, and Martin Braathen, senior curator, the National Museum: About the exhibition

4 pm > 5 pm
Reading time for children in Italian. Join Faye Micklethwaite and listen to amusing stories translated from contemporary Norwegian picture books.

4.30 pm > 5 pm
Reading time for children in English. Join Faye Micklethwaite and listen to amusing stories translated from contemporary Norwegian picture books.


Thursday September 23
Finland Pavilion, Giardini

Guided tours of the exhibition New Standards in English and Italian. The length of the tour is approximately 15 minutes and there is a restriction of 8 simultaneous visitors in the pavilion. 

12.30 pm
Guided tour in English

2.30 pm
Guided tour in Italian

4 pm
New Standards Book Launch at the Pavilion of Finland
With the curators Laura Berger and Kristo Vesikansa who will be present the book and share their thoughts on the research process. 


Friday September 24
Finland Pavilion, Giardini

12.30 pm
Guided tour in English

2.30 pm
Guided tour in Italian

Cinema Astra (Lido)3.00 pm
Aalto documentary film screening
Archinfo Finland presents a screening of the acclaimed documentary film Aalto (2020) in Cinema Astra, Lido. The doors will open to the public at 14:45 and 100 first arrivals will get admission. You can also reserve a place by messaging venice@archinfo.fi in advance. After the film, Associate Professor Antonello Alici will host a discussion with director Virpi Suutari. The event ends at 5:30 pm.


Friday September 24, 2.00 pm > 4.00 pm
Belgium Pavilion, Giardini

Panel Discussion
With Angelika Fitz (Austria) - Director Architekturzentrum Wien; Helena Bjarnegård (Sweden) - Swedish State Architect; Veronika Valk-Siska (Estonia) - Ministry of Culture, Adviser on Architecture and Design; Giovanni Ferrero (Italy) - Project Manager Co-city Torino; Daan Zandbelt (The Netherlands) – ex member of the National Board of Spatial Advisors in the Netherlands.
Introduction and moderate by Kristiaan Borret (Belgium) / Brussels city architect; Sofie De Caigny (Belgium) / Director Flanders Architecture Institute.

The focus will be on valuable strategies and practices in mediation in architecture, and on how they can foster inclusion and sustainability. Many of the projects that form part of the model landscape in the Belgian pavilion are the outcome of mediation of the Flanders Government Architect, the City Architect of Antwerp and the City Architect of Ghent, partners of Composite Presence.
Presenting a panel of experts from different European countries, the discussion will unpack the tools that enlarge and go beyond the traditional scope of urban design. They are concerned with the long-term well-being of places and their populations, building upon the key findings and recommendations of the European research project Urban Maestro. As architecture is not the sole component that makes a good place, the discussion will explore other ingredients necessary to shape – in the words of the new European Bauhaus – more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive forms of living together.


Friday September 24, 5 pm
Ireland Pavilion – Artiglierie Arsenale

Meet the Pavilion Team – welcome and introduction to the exhibition in the presence of the team of architects and artists.


Saturday September 25, 10 am > 12 am
Nordic Countries Pavilion, Giardini

Panel and Open table: Why cohousing at Biennale? With Martin Braathen, Nordic Pavilion curator

Communities and Spaces. The architecture of cohousing. With Helen&Hard Architects, Nordic Pavilion exhibit designers

Cohousing experiments in Italy. With Matteo Robiglio, HOMERS and Politecnico di Torino

The making of cohousing. With Raul Pantaleo, TAM Associati

Cohousing and the real estate market. With Emanuela Recchi, Assoimmobiliare and Urban Land Institute Italia, Ezio Micelli, IUAV

The Venetian potential for cohousing. With Andrea Mariotto and Andrea Curtoni, IUAV

Moderator Silvia Cafora, Homers Lab, HOMERS

How has cohousing taken root in Northern European countries, and what experiments are being conducted in Italy? The meeting will compare the decades-long experiences in cohousing presented by Norwegian architects Helen&Hard, and the cohousing situation in Italy, including new projects for shared residency by Homers and TAM Associati, and a discussion of the potential and the difficulties presented by teachers and research fellows at IUAV and at the Urban Land Institute Italia. A round table discussion to highlight the possibilities of cohousing and its potential in Italy, and an experiment to launch the challenge of a new cohousing project right in the centre of Venice.

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