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Workshops of Biennale Danza 2024
Dance -

Workshops of Biennale Danza 2024

A series of workshops open to the public and aimed at dancers with various levels of experience: from 19 July to 3 August at Sale d’Armi (Arsenale) and Teatro del Parco (Mestre – Bissuola).

Workshops 2024

19 July, 11 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutors: Ms. HUANG Mei-ya, Mr. HSU Chih-hen and Mr. CHEN Tsung-chiao (Cloud Gate senior dancers)

All levels
In this workshop, led by senior dancers Ms. HUANG Mei-ya, Mr. HSU Chih-hen, and Mr. CHEN Tsung-chiao of Cloud Gate, participants will delve into the intricate elements of Cloud Gate's training and repertoire. Through physical movements such as breathing techniques and the rotation of the spine and pelvis, participants will explore the concept of wave transmission and learn to guide kinetic energy in the form of Cloud Gate’s production WAVES. This experiential session offers a unique opportunity to understand the nuanced aspects of Cloud Gate's dance philosophy and technique. 


GN | MC Guy Nader, Maria Campos
21 July, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutors: Guy Nader and Maria Campos

All levels
This workshop is based on partnering and contact work and on the vocabulary of the work used in GN | MC creation’s processes and research. The company proposes tasks and points of departure to start opening up a world of imagination where the body is treated from very different points of view. We will learn movement sequences in pairs of earlier works ("repertoire") as well as create and compose sequences based on partner work through concrete physical tasks. 


22 July, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutor: Melisa Zulberti
Buenos Aires, Argentina)

All levels
Tools for the Stage and Performance Creation

Intended for actors and actresses, dancers, visual artists, art directors, photographers, performers and art researchers.
This workshop investigates how a work is constructed by translating a materiality into physicality and we will train physical processes to unravel the hidden side of matter.
To attend, it is necessary to choose a material that interests you and that you can bring to the room (cardboard, plastic, etc.). (No materials that may cause or constitute clutter and dirt are permitted. It is important to take care of the space due to the dancers using them in their daily activities).

Beforehand, it is important that participants make a list that responds to some of the following observations. This list should be brought to the encounter:
- Characteristics of volume, texture, temperature of the raw material.
- Estimation of weight. Recognition of form.
- Poetic/metaphorical resonances of your own or that other creators have made.
- Memories, derivations and associations based on the material.

These categories are examples. You could invent others if you find them useful. It is not necessary to answer them all


23 July, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutor: Nicole Seiler

All levels
The workshop will be based on Nicole Seiler’s work as a choreographer and will start with a yoga based warm-up. Then the workshop will explore different improvisation practices that led to create the piece Human in the Loop. How to describe a dance ? How do you put words on a movement ? And – on the other way around - how do you translate a word or phrase into a dance?


24 July, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutor: Alan Lucien Øyen
(assisted by Daniel Proietto, dancer)

All levels
For his workshop Alan Lucien Øyen will share some of his experience from working with narrative, text and contemporary dance within a theatrical context. The workshop will focus on tools for the creation of movement with emphasis on dialogue and situation withing abstract movements, using text and narrative as a direct source for the creation of movement sequences and duets. Alan is very excited to meet and engage with the dance artists of tomorrow.


25 July, 11 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutors: Rafael Palacios and 1/2 dancers from the company

Rafael Palacios and the dancers of Sankofa Danzafro offer a powerful dance class that transcends cultural boundaries and delves into the rich tapestry of Afro-Colombian traditions merging them with Afro-Contemporary Techniques. This class is a celebration of resilience, a journey through dances that embody the fight of the black communities to exist and re-exist.
As the class progresses, traditional dance seamlessly merges with contemporary influences.


26 July, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutors: Maria Chiara de’ Nobili and Alexander Miller

All levels
The workshop led by choreographers Maria Chiara de’ Nobili & Alexander Miller will focus on the signature techniques that define their own artistic approach to dance theatre. Participants will engage in a range of tasks including movement-based improvisations, tools inspired by breaking and urban dance, character development and acting practices. All tasks are designed to help the dancers find their unique and individual movement languages by using physical expression to craft narratives while enriching the depth and motivation behind each movement.


27 July, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutors: Noemi Dalla Vecchia and Matteo Vignali

All levels
As the result of the research that describes Vidavè's choreographic aesthetics, "spoken dance" will act as a guide throughout the workshop. It is a method that integrates spoken language and movement language, voice and body, with the aim of fully exploiting the functionality and expressiveness of the dancer. The choreographers will propose the two fundamental improvisation tools of this practice, one based on the interpretation of the parameters of the sound of the voice and the phonetics of spoken language, while the other based on the translation of words and written texts into shapes and choreographic figures. Through these bases, participants will also experience some choreographic scores from the Company's repertoire.


28 July, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutors: Studio Wayne McGregor

Studio Wayne McGregor leads a masterclass that gives an insight into Wayne McGregor’s choreography. The class start with a high-energy warm-up followed by teaching of some company choreography and creative tasks that reflect the way Wayne McGregor works in the studio with his dancers.


28 July, 4 pm > 5 pm
Parco Albanese-Bissuola, Mestre
Educational room
Tutors: Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Maillet (Stereoptik)

Level: specially built for a group of adults and kids together (approx. 15 or 20 persons)
AS IF BY MAGIC. Creative lab
This new workshop involves painting a picture inspired by the world of the company. It is a nocturnal scene where the characters, houses, trees... are revealed by a starry sky. Participants first make a drawing, then cut out the outlines to create a stencil. This stencil is then placed on a black sheet of paper. Using a toothbrush dipped in white gouache, they project droplets of gouache more or less randomly, creating a starry sky. When the stencil is removed, the decor, the silhouettes appear “as if by magic” on the crest of a hill.
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For a general audience


31 July, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutor: Cristina Caprioli

All levels
TUNE IN, TURN ON AND DANCE ALONG – cc workshop with whoever shows up
Does your hair have a good sense of rhythm? Are your hips bold or just lazy? And what about your heels? Can you keep them down under or do they leave you behind? If you have such wonders, this is the workshop for you!
The workshop believes that dancing belongs to no one and all, so is not a dance class, not an improvisation, not a social gathering.
It is all three, and a flash of unpredictable art.
Working runs by repeated scanning of basic moves such as bending, leaning, pushing, shifting.
All moves are approached as multilateral arguments. Each move will resist motion, whilst throwing you back into the wild.
No one will have ‘learned’ anything, everyone will have ‘danced’ something.

The workshop provides a quick insight into Cristina Caprioli’s approach to dancing and choreography.


1 August, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G
Tutor: Ben Duke

All levels
Ben Duke will lead a 3-hour workshop in which he will introduce participants to some of the tasks and exercises that Lost Dog use at the beginning of their rehearsal process to develop a physical language and to uncover words and stories. This workshop will focus particularly on the story of Medea and how Ben and the performers used that story as the basis for Ruination.


2 August, 10 am > 1 pm
Sala Armi G, ground floor
Tutor: Benji Reid

All levels
The first hour of the workshop will be dedicated to the development of Benji Reid’s photo practice. This will involve lecture demonstrations, assisted by images that will delve into the outcomes of working on self-exploration through photography.The workshop will explore portraits and emotional landscapes. Through the use of different angles of light, we will learn to tell stories through light and shade conveying complex narratives using personal experiences as a starting point.
The final phase of the workshop will focus on dissemination using social media and working with galleries.

For a general audience


3 August 10:00 > 13:00
Sala Armi G
Tutor: Ondrej Vidlar (rehearsal director)

All levels
Workshop: The choreographic world of Trajal Harrell
This workshop introduces the choreographic and performative practice of Trajal Harrell. Long-time dancer, collaborator and assistant, Ondrej Vidlar shares methods and performative strategies. Dancers will imagine new possibilities of moving by mixing their personal histories with various styles (butoh, voguing, folk, etc.) and perspectives (pop-culture, gender, fashion, post-modernism, etc.).
Ondrej Vidlar, born in the Czech Republic, was trained in Latin, Modern and Contemporary dance. For many years he has been working in close collaboration with Trajal Harrell as a dancer, choreography assistant and rehearsal director.

Workshop participants must arrive fully warmed up.


Requests are subject to availability. Registration required for attending the workshops.
Aimed at participants aged 18+

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