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Antonio Rezza, Flavia Mastrella - Fratto_X

(2012, 105') 

by Flavia Mastrella, Antonio Rezza
with Antonio Rezza and with Ivan Bellavista
(never) written by Antonio Rezza
Habitat by Flavia Mastrella
assistant in the creation  Massimo Camilli
lighting design Mattia Vigo
re-elaborated by Daria Grispino
organization Stefania Saltarelli
stagehand Andrea Zanarini
metal Cisall, Francesco Mirabella and Domenico Damiano
photography Flavia Mastrella, Stefania Saltarelli
set photography Giulio Mazzi
translation Jane Dolman
thanks to Ezio Novara, Patrizia Puddu, Compagnia Teatro Finestra, Comune di Nettuno, Lorenzo Artibani, Silvia Vecchini, Chiara Crupi
a production by RezzaMastrella, TSI La Fabbrica dell’Attore Teatro Vascello, Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa


Authors' statement

Can you talk to someone who gives you a voice? Can you answer with the same voice as the person who asks the question? Two people discuss existence. One of the two, while the other speaks, has time to think: he suspects a trick but is not certain. Manipulation lies at the foundations of a correct lifestyle. The unrivalled dominion of one over the other regulates the driving rhythm, the anthropomorphic body is dominant. Luminous trails materialize with the daunting delicacy of flowers seen up close. Like 7-14-21-28, Fratto_X is an ideogram, it pursues the light freshness of the pencil stroke and the chromatic saturation of the 3D image. The vocal virtuosity reaches unparalleled intuition, becomes sound by means of subjugation and nuance, the pharynx dries up as infirmity sets in: when the body stops dancing to capture the concept, the lower belly vibrates to the rhythm of the jugular that becomes a rope full of words, a rope stretched with words to dry. The Habitat Fratto_X is the last movement in an aesthetic self- conditioning, the atmosphere of drawings with the light was then transformed into material. Antonio Rezza is with Ivan Bellavista. The assistant for creation is Massimo Camilli, the lighting design is by Mattia Vigo re-elaborated by Daria Grispino.

Teatro Piccolo Arsenale

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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