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Kronoteatro - Cannibali

(2015, 52’) 

by Fiammetta Carena
director Maurizio Sguotti
with Tommaso Bianco, Alex Nesti, Maurizio Sguotti
costumes Francesca Marsella
lighting design Amerigo Anfossi
video animation Fabio Ramiro Rossin
music MaNu Dj
thanks to Nicoletta Bernardini
thanks to Francesco Gigliotti for the images from the video La Sila
production Kronoteatro

Authors' statement

Trittico della Resa – To be and not to be

Having ended the phase of research into the inner dynamics of the family from different angles in FAMILIA_una trilogia (Orfani / Pater familias / Hi Mummy), in this new trilogy we wish to address the issue of the confrontation between the existing self and what we believe to be the social issues that interact most deeply with it.

The idea of working in chapters reflects the intention to examine the object of our research in depth, from a variety of points of view, images, languages and events, thereby opening our eyes to the multiplicity and diversity of nuances that may be contained in a theme.

This exploration arises from the feeling that man is thoroughly unable to exist, that he travels across the world dealing with everyday life, and carrying with him a body that is already dead.
A feeling of absolute void that, if indulged, could lead to the negation of one’s own person/existence.

I am unable to live – I don’t exist – I am already dead – I was never born – I was born dead – I want to die – I am unable to die

This inability to exist is reflected in all the activities we must necessarily undertake.
Obligated because no one, deprived of the essence of life, is capable of acting fully autonomously; one ends up fighting life on the field of existence, where the battle is one-sided and the result is a given.

The only alternative is to GIVE UP.

In Cannibali, we see an exercise of everyday power, familiar and common, those small and large vexations that we are all subject to at least once in our lives, that feeling of inevitable submission caused by an unwritten social hierarchy, but no less cruel because of it.

Tese dei Soppalchi

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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