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Biennale College Teatro - Performance site specific - Aine E. Nakamura

Length / Year:40', 2022, world premiere
Voice, body, composition, concept, dramatic writing:Aine E. Nakamura
Production:La Biennale di Venezia
Special thanks go to:Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, Museo del Merletto di Burano, Fondazione Andriana Marcello, Associazione Merlettaie, Fondazione Rubelli, Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua - Venezia
Winner:Biennale College Teatro Performance site-specific (2022)


“Japanese people forever abolish war and the threat or use of arm forces as ways to solve conflicts – because the people sincerely wish and seek for global peace”. This is how the Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan prescribes. Because of Peace Article 9, Japan at least has not fought since WWII.

Even though the global climate is leaning toward armament at this time because of the current war and the threat of further violence (as of April 2022), and armament is considered as a method for global security, somewhere in the world, I hope the idea of peace can survive and be maintained so that, someday, we humans can turn to the idea. Then, my new question is this: what does it mean to actually realize the concept of the Peace Article 9 through me, through my presence, body, voice, and way of life? How does this “politic” become my “poetics”?  I would like to focus to realize the concept of peace through my embodiment and my transnational body for our decision- making, for my reaching out, and for the global society.

Through my site- and time-specific performance, mainly sung voice and body movements with spoken words that would support the trajectory, embracing space- and time-transcending stories, I will be and perform as an unnamed flower that lives at the site in the wind, hearing the sounds of voices, and the human’s lives, breathing in and out, and standing on the ground with my bare feet. I will perform the intensity of the site through my unnamed body as a flower, and seek for us not to choose brutality outward – as I know and embrace the intensity and beauty that already exist in our small multiple stories and not in violence. ’I’ may at any moment have a danger of choosing brutality myself, but since I know that there is a dead body under an unnamed flower, I will stop myself from choosing violence, determined to embody Peace Article 9. This is the performance I will present.

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Biennale Teatro
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