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Federica Rosellini / Giacomo Garaffoni - Veronica

Length / Year:2023, world premiere
By:Giacomo Garaffoni
Direction:Federica Rosellini
With:Serena Dibiase, Nico Guerzoni, Nunzia Picciallo, Elena Rivoltini, Federica Rosellini
Sound design and music:Nicola Ratti, Martina Ruggeri, Serena Dibiase, Elena Rivoltini
Sound effects:Martina Ruggeri
Stage design:Paola Villani
Costumes:Simona D’Amico
Lighting design:Simona Gallo
Sound direction:Nicola Ratti
Assistant director:Elvira Berarducci
Artistic assistant:Matilde Bernardi
Technical director:Luigi Sacco
Fashion designer:Adelaide D’Ago
Climbing technique:Marco Rinaldi
Production manager:Luigi Cosimelli
Production:Ilaria Ceci
Produced by:La Biennale di Venezia, LVF - Teatro Manini di Narni
Note:Winner of the Biennale College Teatro Playwriting Under 40 (2021-2022) call


VERONICA: a hagiography, a geography.

Installation, concert, performance. In this desolate landscape, which generates every noise we hear, the audience is left to contemplate a restless soundscape that could either overwhelm the stage or abandon it to some post-atomic, pneumatic silence: the silence after the Big Bang. Five performers/ musicians embrace the text, play it, and let it shift into song. The performative nature of VERONICA as a play – part sacred text, part Orphic myth, part voracious innocence reminiscent of the young female protagonists of Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Virgin Suicides – emerges darkly and powerfully from this heedless race towards an act of mourning, one never quite committed to memory. Computers, cables and machines abound as if we’re witnessing a resuscitation or autopsy; as if it were even possible – in an effort that echoes Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – to bring back to life a corpse that isn’t there, that remains unseen.



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