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Romeo Castellucci - domani

Length / Year:30’, 2022
Concept and direction:Romeo Castellucci
Music:Scott Gibbons
Choreography:Gloria Dorliguzzo
With:Ana Lucia Barbosa
Technical director:Eugenio Resta
Sound composition:Claudio Tortorici
Props:Andrei Benchea
Executive producer:Benedetta Briglia
Promotion and distribution:Gilda Biasini
Production and touring:Caterina Soranzo
General manager:Giulia Colla
Administration:Simona Barducci, Elisa Bruno, Michela Medri
Photo:Luca Del Pia
Video:Eva Castellucci
A production by:Triennale Milano and Societas; commissioned for "Unknown Unknowns International Exhibition. An Introduction to Mysteries", 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano


domani is a performative action, starring the Brazilian performer Ana Lucia Barbosa. Romeo Castellucci dresses her in white, gives her a long tree branch with a shoe inserted on the end and asks her to move in repeated cyclical actions around a room. Barbosa pushes the rod along the floor, moving blindly in the space, which she shapes in unison with the music by Scott Gibbons, the American artist who has always swathed Castellucci’s works in his sonic perturbations.
The outcome is what Castellucci, in presenting the work, defines as an emblem. “Emblems are ‘tacit notes’, like hieroglyphics, which appear ‘mute’ to those who look at them without knowing what they mean. They are painted images that do not need to be told, but ‘seen’. This is what domani produces: signs that, in a play of cross-references, actively express contents, because they mean something other than themselves”.

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