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Atlantis: Superrare Exhibition

Venice VR Expanded
World Creators:An Rong, Matt Buelt


On August 28, 2020, we opened SuperRare’s second virtual reality art show, Atlantis, in VRChat. Exhibited in the VR world are 3D sculptures by CryptoSpectr, VR_Rosie, Crypt0_Baby, bingkoland, Matt Buelt, Marc-O-Matic, Metageist, pirate_sheep, trippyogi, Spaced Painter, Scotbot, and Glass Crane. This art event aimed to explore the world of 3D and VR art, tokenized on blockchain and auctioned off as NFTs on SuperRare. We want to expand the possibilities of exhibition, experience, meaning of art and sculptures in the digital age.

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Biennale Cinema
Biennale Cinema