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nicolas laisné architectes

One Open Tower— A Generous, Open-ended Building to Unlock Innovative Uses of Space and Shape New Ways of Being

  • TUE - SUN
    22/05 > 31/07
    11 AM - 7 PM

    01/08 > 21/11
    10 AM - 6 PM
  • Arsenale
  • Admission with ticket

Nicolas Laisné (French, b.1977) with Edouard Bettencourt (French, b.1989), Marie Blin (French, b.1992), Thibaut Blondet (French, b.1994), Edoardo Caizzi (Italian, b.1995), Philipp Fritsch (German, b.1995), Mirella Verdes Montenegro Gosa (Spanish, b.1986), Franck Handgraaf (French, b.1989), Thomas Jochem (French, b.1998), Louis Julien-Laferrière (French, b.1988), Tristan Ponsot (French, b.1984), Cinzia Scandurra (Italian, b.1989) and Edwin Toledo (Mexican, b.1984) of nicolas laisné architectes (France, est.2005) in collaboration with Guy Limone (French, b.1958), Volume Agencement (France, est.1972), C²CI Ingénierie (France, est.2010), Thomas de La Taille (Belgium, est.2021), Le Sommer Environnement (France, est.2002), Habx (France, est.2016), Colonies (France, est.2016)



As architects our mission is to create new kinds of buildings that make more room in cities while putting joy back into sharing space. Such is the One Open Tower, represented as a fivemeter-high model. As a tall building, it vertically increases inhabitable space. Inside, several programs are integrated so as to mix functions and populations. The tower is fully integrated in the urban fabric and promotes a new lifestyle based on exchange and diversity. As visitors to the exhibition walk up the stairs around the model, they will discover the variety and coalescence of the building’s different purposes. Videos encourage visitors to dive into the multiple experiences characteristic of this type of architecture of the future. An essential component of the installation, Guy Limone’s artwork, materializes the presence of people and their unpredictable use of this hybrid and open space.This project stems from the belief that mixed-use buildings are the key to strong urban communities: they open up space, favor interaction, and create unexpected synergy. People can meet even when they are not heading the same way.

Biennale Sneak Peek

Image 1 – How will we live together?
Outdoor and shared spaces in a housing project.


Image 2 – Sneak peek of the project
A new generation of towers.
Photo: Nicolas Laisné


Institut français

Production credits

Nicolas Laisné Architectes, Guy Limone Volume Agencement ,C²CI Ingénierie, Thomas de La Taille, Le Sommer Environnement, Habx, Colonies
Displayed projects: Arbre Blanc, Nicolas Laisné Architectes, Sou Fujimoto Architects, Oxo Architectes & Dimitri Roussel / ANIS, Nicolas Laisné Architectes & DREAM / Woodwork, Nicolas Laisné Architectes & DREAM

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Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura