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Biennale Arte 2022

Biennale Educational

For more than one decade, La Biennale di Venezia has been devoting a growing attention to learning activities, and has developed a stronger and stronger commitment to Educational initiatives addressed to the audiences of its Exhibitions, most notably to universities, youngsters, and children from all kinds of schools.



In the past two years, the Biennale Arte 2019 and the Biennale Architettura 2018 had 114,672 participants in Educational activities in total, amongst whom 68,205 were youngsters.

A broad Educational offer shall be available in 2021 as well, addressing itself to individuals and groups of students, children, grown-ups, families, professionals, companies, and universities. All initiatives aim to an active involvement of participants, they are led by professional operators, carefully trained by La Biennale, and they fall under the following categories: Guided Itineraries and Workshop Activities.

The initiatives

Guided Itineraries will lead visitors through the exhibition venues of the 59th International Art Exhibition, in an open and participatory structure; Guided Itineraries are particularly suited to high-schools, universities, art lovers, and grown-ups. They fall under three typologies: guided tours, focus tours, and theme-based visits.

Workshop Activities are addressed to all kinds of audiences, with particular attention to young and very young visitors and schools; Workshop Activities are based upon stimulating and interactive approaches, triggering creativity and children’s capacity to elaborate the contents of their experiences. Workshop Activities fall under the following types: digital workshops, making use of ICT-devices, multidisciplinary workshops, delving into the languages of art, music, dance, theatre, science, writing, and philosophy, theoretical and practical workshops, which stimulate creativity with hands-on activities, and creative ateliers for families. Further initiatives shall be developed, to reach out for broader and broader audience groups, pivoting on projects addressed to specific targets.

Online educational activities have been extended and enriched, after the great success they enjoyed in 2020. Online activities are dedicated to schools of all cycles and aim at preparing participants to visit the Exhibition. Activities are conducted by specialized operators and are available on e-learning platforms. They are interactive, multidisciplinary and open, and allow participants to approach exhibition themes from different educational and experiential perspectives.

Special projects and accessibility

La Biennale’s Educational offer is further enriched by special projects, focusing upon the challenges of creativity and innovation, offering the opportunity to approach the Exhibition themes from specific professional or scholarly perspectives. Such projects are particularly suited to companies, professionals, and scholars, and they focus upon the Exhibition themes as opportunities to update and extend visitors’ competences and sensibilities.

The inclusive Accessibility project is dedicated to social and educational communities, with the goal of approaching adults who tend to have more difficulties with the fruition of exhibitions and cultural initiatives.

Practical information

Activities are available in Italian and in at least 4 more languages
Reservation required, average duration per module: 1h 45’
Fee paying service, admission fee not included

For schools from the Veneto Region, La Biennale organises a special service, with a reservation and subject to limited availability, with free transportation services from school venues to Venice, by Biennale BUS, and a Biennale water shuttle service, to Giardini and Arsenale.

La Biennale will organise special free Open Days for teachers from all school grades.

Educational and Promotion
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte