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Ha Chong-Hyun

  • 23/04 > 24/08
    10.30 am - 5.30 pm

Organizing Institution: Kukje Art and Culture Foundation

Venue: Palazzetto Tito, Dorsoduro 2826


Ha Chong-Hyun is best known as a Dansaekhwa artist, but that designation applies only to one aspect of a varied practice that has been devoted to the exploration of materials and their properties for more than fifty years. Following the Korean war, Ha produced abstract and three-dimensional works using found objects that reflected the lasting traumas of war. In 1974 he began his acclaimed Conjunction series which employs bae-ap-bub, the artist’s innovative method of pushing oil paint through the back of the canvas weave to the front. This approach personifies Ha’s commitment to challenging the status quo and developing a unique artistic vocabulary. This retrospective is intended to present the full breadth of his materials, methods, and creative experimentation, as well as to highlight his pioneering role in “contemporary” Korean art.


Email address for general info: info@bevilacqualamasa.it


Ha Chong-Hyun, White Paper on Urban Planning, 1967. Oil on canvas, 112 ×112 cm. Photo Chunho An. Courtesy the Artist; Kukje Gallery

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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte