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Bangladesh (People's Republic of)

Time: Mask and Unmask

Commissioner: Liaquat Ali Lucky
Curator: Viviana Vannucci
Exhibitors: Jamal Uddin Ahmed, Mohammad Iqbal, Harun-Ar-Rashid, Sumon Wahed, Promity Hossain, Mohammad Eunus, Marco Cassarà, Franco Marrocco, Giuseppe Diego Spinelli
Venue: Palazzo Pisani Revedin, San Marco 4013


The project aims to represent Rabindranath Tagore’s thinking focused on the passage of time and its ability to erase all that is ephemeral and superficial, preserving only what is true. The theme of the exhibition starts from this idea to connect to the concept of time expressed in the title Time: Mask and Unmask, which also reflects the precarious moment that humanity has been facing for over two years, the pandemic crisis. This stage is marked by the use of masks that have necessarily conditioned people’s daily life, to the point of generat- ing contradictory feelings: the need to “be masked” which means to escape or try to escape the danger of death and the desire to “unmasking”, the hope, that is, to restore the original balance between the human being and nature.

Venezia, San Marco 4013
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte