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An Unknown that Does Not Terrify

Commissioner: Susan Mains
Curator: Daniele Radini Tedeschi
Exhibitors: Cypher Art Collective of Grenada: Oliver Benoit, Billy Gerard Frank, Ian Friday, Asher Mains, Susan Mains, Angus Martin, Samuel Ogilvie; Giancarlo Flati; Identity Collective; Anna Maria Li Gotti; Nino Perrone; Rossella Pezzino de Geronimo; Marialuisa Tadei
Venue: Il Giardino Bianco Art Space, Via Garibaldi, Castello 1814


The Cypher Art Collective of Grenada explores a cultural ritual of Carriacou, the Shakespeare Mas. Players dressed in colourful costumes recite passages from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to each other in the open-air theatre of the road. Generations have practiced this, with influences from West Africa, England, France, and Scotland. This is not an anthropological study, but a starting point for the imagination of the artists. Film, paintings, installations make up the multifaceted display, also focusing on the “right to opacity” – claimed by Édouard Glissant and connected to the right to human and cultural diversity, multilingualism and multiethnicity – and the theme of journey, meant as encounter and rediscovery.

Venezia, Castello 1814
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte