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Radiance: They dream In Time

Commissioner: Naumo Juliana Akoryo
Curator: Shaheen Merali
Exhibitors: Acaye Kerunen, Collin Sekajugo
Venue: Palazzo Palumbo Fossati, San Marco 2597


Radiance: They dream In Time, curated by Shaheen Merali, is a result of multiple processes, including online conversations, field trips to the centres of excellence developing artistic practices and resources through curatorial and organisational support. A gestation period of two years that has allowed Acaye Kerunen and Collin Sekajugo time for contemplation, review, the reevaluation of ideas, and conversations. Uganda, especially its capital city Kampala and its second city Jinja, has provided a fast-paced economy from which a cultural environment has taken root, one that that embraces contemporary Africanity in terms of its relationship to design, text, exhibition-making, performance, and context.

Venezia, San Marco 2597
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte