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Book Adaptation Rights Market

77th Venice International Film Festival

Fifth Edition (4th - 6th September 2020)


Book Adaptation Rights Market
Brochure 2020


The Book Adaptation Rights Market will offer 25 international publishing houses and literary agencies a dedicated area within the Venice Production Bridge that, with this event, renews its vocation to foster the development and production of international and European projects across a range of audiovisual forms.

During this 3-day event one-to-one meetings between publishers and producers will be set up in a dedicated area of the VPB on the 3rd floor of the Hotel Excelsior. The meetings will allow them to foster lasting relationships and of course to make deals on the adaptation of novels, drama, children’s literature, short stories, comics, graphic novels, essays, and biographies.
The Book Adaptation Rights Market brochure, detailing each publishing house and literary agency invited, will therefore be emailed to professionals from the film industry, to entitle them to request 30-minute one-to-one meetings with the teams of the selected projects.
Thanks to the VPB Website, the VPB Office will be able to support the teams and the registered professionals in organizing tailor-made meetings even more closely.

As opposed to other events dedicated to publishing within the context of Film Festivals, the Book Adaptation Rights Market will enable the invited publishers to propose their entire catalogue for film adaptation, rather than focusing on a single book or volume.

This event will provide publishers and producers with a unique opportunity to get to know each other and thus build long-term relationships.

A catalogue gathering the publishers and their new titles will be sent to producers beforehand.



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