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Out of Competition
Andrea Segre
ZaLab Film (Andrea Segre, Giulia Campagna), Rai Cinema, Vulcano (Valentino Girardi), Istituto Luce Cinecittà (Enrico Bufalini)
Running Time:
Italian, Venetian dialect, English
Main Cast:
Ulderico Segre, Giuliano Segre, Uberto Segre, Anna Pagliero, Mauro Stoppa, Boris Borella, Luigi Divari, Elena Almansi, Maurizio Calligaro, Giulia Tagliapietra Alberto Spizzamiglio Anna Campagnari Marino Almansi, Patrizia Zanella, Alexandra Ioana-Drobota, Marta Bortolozzo, Samanta Coviç, Dafni Segre Archontoula Skourtanioti
Andrea Segre
Matteo Calore, Andrea Segre
Chiara Russo
Teho Teardo
Alberto Cagol, Marco Zambrano, Riccardo Spagnol


Some things are very difficult for a father to share with his son and the latter can only start to understand them when he becomes a father. In February-April this year, Andrea Segre, who has been living in Rome for years, was blocked by the lockdown in Venice, the city of his father Ulderico. He was working there on two theatre and cinema projects on the city’s great blights: tourism and high water. While he was filming the city was frozen and emptied before his very eyes, restoring it to nature and its history, and in some ways to him as well. He collected visual notes and spent that period in his family home where he delved into the past. Personal archives in Super8 by the director’s father and the real protagonist of the film alternate with meetings with Venetian inhabitants, who talk about the relationship between the city and water whilst experiencing the unexpected arrival of the great void that has invaded Venice and a large part of the world. The whole thing is kept together by the director’s off screen voice, Teho Teardo’s music and an atmosphere of expectancy and amazement that pervades the entire visual and existential material of this strange journey.


To make a film you have to think about it, write it, organise it, and film it. This wasn’t the case for Molecole. I experienced it and it came out by itself, in a time and dimension I couldn’t foresee. Molecole just owed. Like water. Like the molecules, the material we are all made of but can’t see. My father was Venetian and was a physicist-chemist. He studied molecule movements, the small elements of the material we can’t see but that determines the evolution of our lives. Often unexpectedly. Like the virus that blocked the world and showed me a solitary, magical Venice where I was able to encounter my father and understand what this fragile, powerful city can teach us.


PRODUCTION 1: Andrea Segre, Giulia Campagna – ZaLab Film Srl
Vicolo Vincenzo Bellini, 12
35131 – Padova, Italy
Tel. +39 3336127483

PRODUCTION 2: Rai Cinema S.p.A
Piazza Adriana 12
00193 – Roma, Italy
Tel. +39 06 33179601

PRODUCTION 3: Valentino Girardi – Vulcano Srl
Via delle Industrie, 23/d
30175 – Venezia, Italy
Tel. + 39 345 5963443

PRODUZIONE 4: Enrico Bufalini - Istituto Luce Cinecittà Srl
Via Tuscolana, 1055
00182 – Roma, Italy
Tel. +39 06 722861

WORLD SALES: Heino Deckert - Deckert Distribution GmbH
Gottschedstr. 18
04109 - Leipzig, Germany
Tel. +49 341 2156638

ITALIAN DISTRIBUTION: Maud Corino – ZaLab Film Srl
Vicolo Vincenzo Bellini, 12
35131 – Padova, Italy
Tel. +39 3336127483

PRESS OFFICE: Lucrezia Viti
via Anton Giulio Barrili, 12
00152 – roma, Italy
Tel. +39 06 45684719
Mob. +39 348 2565827

Livia Delle Fratte
Via Andrea Bafile 2
00195 – Roma, Italy
Tel. +39 349 2233828

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