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On The Job: The Missing 8

Venezia 78 Competition
Erik Matti
Reality Entertainment (Ronald Stephen Monteverde, Erik Matti), Globe Studios (Joseph Caliro, Quark Henares)
Running Time:
Main Cast:
John Arcilla, Dennis Trillo, Dante Rivero
Michiko Yamamoto
Neil Derrick Bion
Jay Halili
Production Designer:
Roma Regala, Michael Espanol
Costume Designer:
Jac Pequena
Erwin Romulo
Corinne De San Jose, Wildsound Studios
Visual Effects:


Inspired by true events, the film chronicles the story of Sisoy Salas, a corrupt journalist seeking justice for his colleagues, and convict Roman Rubio, a hired gun who is regularly brought out of prison to perform assassinations.
Sisoy has always been staunch defender of the government and the popular local mayor Pedring Eusebio. But when his colleagues from the local newspaper—including his long-time friend Arnel Pangan and his innocent son—go missing, Sisoy is forced to rethink his allegiances and confront his own political beliefs.
Meanwhile, the prisoner and occasional assassin Roman gets sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime that he did not commit. Unwilling to spend the rest of his life as a hired killer, Roman begins plotting to take back his freedom by any means possible.
Battling against dirty bureaucracy and a surge of fake news manufactured against the victims, Sisoy persistently investigates about the fate of the Missing 8. Slowly, he inches closer to the truth, earning him the ire of Mayor Eusebio and his powerful political machinery.
Sisoy and Roman’s paths are set on a deadly collision course when Sisoy becomes Roman’s next target.

Director’s Statement

This film is an ensemble piece that attempts to explore, through the disappearance of eight people, the reality in the Philippines that is never shown on the news.
Politicians as gangsters. Journalists as paid hacks. Prisoners as assassins. This ensemble of crazy characters intersect to represent a deep-seated culture of impunity and non-accountability in a country like the Philippines.
It may seem paradoxical that I find the criminal mind extremely fascinating but also something to loath in disgust. But I am never judgmental. I am interested in understanding what makes them think, to see the human side of them, not to glorify them but to really see how they became who they are.


PRODUCTION 1: Ronald Stephen Monteverde, Erik Matti – Reality Entertainment Inc.
30 Scout Bayoran St., South Triangle
1100 – Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. +63 9178097777

PRODUCTION 2: Joseph Cairo, Quark Henares – Globe Studios
The Globe Tower, 32nd Street corner 7th
1633 – Taguig City, Philippines
Tel. +63 9178180014
Mob. +63 9175382154

WORLD SALES: Jae Chang – WarnerMedia

PRESS OFFICE: Karen Lai, Anna Nicoll, Banita Ramchurun – WarnerMedia

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