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La Biennale di Venezia

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Mind VR Exploration

Venice VR Expanded
Zuyun Deng
Shenzhen Minisea Vision Technology (Gu Xuesong, Deng Zuyun, Cao Yong)
Running Time:
Zhu Xi, Cao Yong, Zhou Zihe
HTC Vive/Vive Pro/Vive Pro 2 HTC Vive Cosmos Oculus Rift/Rift S/Quest w/Link Valve Index Windows Mixed Reality
Art director:Cao Yong
Programming:Zhang Junwei
Modeler:Xiao Mingrui
Graphic designer:Liu Dazhi
Photographer:Wang Zhenyu
Post production:Liu Shuhan
Key animator:Deng Jingjing
Executors:Zhu Xi, Zhuang Jie, Sun Tingting, Wu Yingqi


This is an exploratory learning VR application. The most cutting-edge VR digital technologies are adopted to bring an immersive experience with various elements, such as Chinese classical architectures, implements, poems, and extraordinary imagination, to users. It is very impressive. After rigorous textual research, the Xiaoxiang Pavilion described in Hong lou meng (A Dream of Red Mansions) is restored in a panoramic view, recreating classical gardens, furniture and daily scenes in the Ming Dynasty. You can pick up everything you like and play with it. You might even fabricate a Chinese "paper kite", hand-write a pair of Chinese characters, and listen to the Chinese zither played by the ancients on the waterfront. It is like you travel through time and space, and witness the ancients’ elegance and panache.

Director’s Statement

The emergence of VR is an exciting thing. For a long time, everyone has been thinking about what can be done with VR? Perhaps it is the VR game industry that is better to cut into the early stage. The immersive characteristics of VR can magnify the experience of the experiencer. Players no longer simply play games through the screen, but can enter the virtual world and experience the game in person. So VR is indeed very suitable for games, but what else can VR do besides games? What can we do with VR? Perhaps using VR technology to go back to the past is also a cool thing. Before that, past events can only appear in books or presented through videos. Now, with VR technology, you can not only go back to the past and watch the characteristic buildings of the glorious peak period, and through exploration, you can experience the masterpieces of ancient wisdom. This is what we did, restore the architecture and cultural relics of China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, let people explore and learn in them, and add some surreal elements, so that the experiencer will experience a magical journey through, this is the unique charm of VR.


PRODUCTION1: Xuesong Gu, Zuyun Deng, Yong Cao - Shenzhen Minisea Vision Technology Co., Ltd
No. 505-510 Block A , YiCheng HuanZhi Center Longhua
518110 – Shenzhen, China
Tel. +86 15914030685

PRESS OFFICE: Zuyun Deng – Shenzhen Minisea Vision Technology Co., Ltd
No. 505-510 Block A , YiCheng HuanZhi Center Longhua,
518110 – Shenzhen, China
Tel. +86 15012580192

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