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Gli ultimi giorni dell’umanità

Out of Competition
Enrico Ghezzi, Alessandro Gagliardo
Matango with Rai Cinema and Luce – Cinecittà in association with Minerva Pictures Group, Cinedora, Parallelo 41 Produzioni
Running Time:
Italian, English, French, Spanish
Main Cast:
Aura Ghezzi
Giuseppe D’Amato, Alessandro Gagliardo, Marco Saitta
a.c.l.:Renato Berta
Producer:Gabriele Monaco
Executive producer:Armando Andria


The panorama of human affairs encounters the “man with a movie camera”. His playground has no boundaries, his curiosity no limits. Characters, situations and places pitch camp in the life of a humanity that is at once the viewer and the thing viewed. But what are the last days of this humanity? Have they already passed? Are they now or still to come? As they wait the astronauts of the Atalante, in their promethean dreams, meet their own image in a bubble of water. Along the passages of steamers in the open sea, a caress, a sign of affection. In the mirror, camera in hand, he checks himself, always uncertainly certain, his own capture inside that short, too short, unit of time. But what we have learnt is that nothing lasts. Everything that they touch turns into time, into action, expectation and hope, Demeter reminds bustling humanity. Fragment of fragments. To make a gesture that eludes melancholy and games in a downright impossible movement. Kraus’s theater on Mars has not yet opened, we were busy anarchiving. And this drama can have no other viewer but humanity.

Directors’ Statement

Jotted down on the first page of Franz Kafka’s diary: “The viewers freeze as the train passes.” Hundreds of hours of tape roll by. Enrico Ghezzi in conversation with the philosopher Emanuele Severino: “Not enough thought has been given to the real rupture that brought the cinema into history, into what we are accustomed to think of as the history of humanity. The cinema is the first moment in which the world sees itself again. Then we know that it’s fake, that it’s a trick, that they are single frames, but while the photograph is a frozen instant, with the cinema we see a horse again, the world sees itself again and this in itself is a fulfilment that we didn’t imagine...”
“Thy right eye offend thee, pluck them out!” admonishes the preacher.


PRODUCTION 1: Gabriele Monaco, Armando Andria – Matango
Lungotevere degli Artigiani, 28
00153 – Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 3402393211
Mob. +39 3387310210

PRODUCTION 2: Paolo Del Brocco – Rai Cinema
Piazza Adriana 12
00193 – Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 0633179601

PRODUCTION 3: Enrico Bufalini – Luce Cinecittà
Via Tuscolana, 1055
00173 – Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 0672286205

ASSOCIATE PRODUCTION 1: Ilaria Ricci – Minerva Pictures
Via Marcella, 6
00153 – Roma, Italia
Tel. +39 0684242430

ASSOCIATE PRODUCTION 2: Santiago Fondevila Sancet – Cinedora
Galleria Cavour, 5
40124 – Bologna, Italia
Tel. +39 3478904542

ASSOCIATE PRODUCTION 3: Antonella Di Nocera – Parallelo 41 Produzioni
Via Angelo Camillo De Meis 221
80147 – Napoli, Italia
Tel. +39 3355826163

PRESS OFFICE: Lucrezia Viti – Boom Pr
Via Cunfida 35
00135 – Roma, Italia
Mob. 39 3482565827

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