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Compagnie Hervé Koubi - Odyssey

Year / Length:2020, 60’ (Italian premiere)
Choreography:Hervé Koubi
Choreography assistant:Fayçal Hamlat
Original score:Natacha Atlas, Samy Bishaï
Musicians:Natacha Atlas & Samy Bishaï, Anissa Nehari
Dancers:Badr Benr Guibi, Giacomo Buffoni, Pasquale Fortunato, Vladimir Gruev, Oualid Guennoun, Lhatsun Lé, Bendehiba Maamar, Manon Mafrici, Nadjib Meherhera, Angèle Methangkool-Robert, Houssni Mijem, Ismail Oubbajaddi, El Houssaini Zahid
Artistic advisor:Bérengère Alfort
Lighting director:Lionel Buzonie
Set design:Guillaume Gabriel
Set design construction:Lionel Buzonie, Didier Flamen
Costumes:Guillaume Gabriel


Hervé Koubi creates here a “white ballet”. Koubi’s ODYSSEY moves away from Homer’s story but keeps the sea as its basis, and the woman as a heroic figure. This new danced epic features Natacha Atlas, diva of Arabic music, who gives her bewitching voice to this tribute to femininity. On the stage, Koubi brings together 14 dancers, male and female, with rich and varied Mediterranean backgrounds. They give life to a great choreographic wave, intense and sensual, which downplays the heroic battles described by Homer to explore the cultural links, migrations, and turmoil of a sea that connects and carries lives. The stage is an Aladdin’s carpet, between ocean and sky, in the pristine vapours of a disappearing world. The energy of hip-hop is in dialogue with elements of contemporary dance, shaping a powerfully modern narrative. The time to love, the space for a rare and precious journey!

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Biennale Danza
Biennale Danza