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CRM-Centro Ricerche Musicali - Le chant de la matière

Le chant de la matière


Laura Bianchini (1954)
Luna doppia (2017, 9’) computer version / world premiere
Terra (2012, 17’) for Feed-Drum®

Michelangelo Lupone (1953)
Canto di madre (1997, 7’) for computer
Coup au vent (2015, 25’) for three SkinAct

Laura Bianchini and Michelangelo Lupone
concept and music

Philippe Spiesser
augmented instruments Feed-Drum®, SkinAct

Silvia Lanzalone
live electronics

The concert will be introduced by a talk with the artists at 4:30 pm.


Le chant de la matière by Laura Bianchini and Michelangelo Lupone features augmented large drums made with interactive membranes and a steel shell that can make the secret voice of matter resound like a monumental symphony, projecting the fascinating vibrations onto a screen, with the help of percussionist Philippe Spiesser.

On the stage four large drums with a metal frame, on the membrane of each drum the lights highlight the pattern of the many ways the instruments vibrate. The dynamic interweaving of lines, diameters and perimeters is projected onto a screen that fills the backdrop, showing the variety and the magic of the vibration of matter. The emitted sound is a counterpoint of surprising rhythms, pitches, and timbres generated by the interactive membranes as if by an orchestra.

Feed-Drum® and SkinAct are the names of these augmented instruments in which acoustic and electronic technologies come together to create new possibilities for sound and interpretation. Philippe Spiesser explores the membranes, brings the vibrations of matter to their limit and transforms the sounds from impulsive to resonant, and finally to a song of intersecting voices that, in one continuous flow, migrate between the various expressive moments in the works of Laura Bianchini and Michelangelo Lupone.

Teatro alle Tese

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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