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Focus on the double bass - Florentin Ginot

Not Here


Rebecca Saunders (1967) Fury (2005, 8’) Italian premiere
Liza Lim (1966) The Table of Knowledge (2017/2018, 18’) for double bass, voice and preparation, Italian premiere - commissioned by Kölner Philharmonie - Acht Brücken Festival
Georges Aperghis (1945) Obstinate (2017/2018, 7’) Italian premiere - commissioned by Kölner Philharmonie - Acht Brücken Festival
Sebastian Rivas (1975) We Must (2018, 22’) for double bass and live electronics, Italian premiere - commissioned by IRCAM Centre Pompidou

Florentin Ginot concept, double bass
Olivier Defrocourt set design
Marie-Hélène Pinon light design
Jacques Bouault lighting design
Martin Antiphon sound design
Sébastien Naves, IRCAM computer music design


According to Florentin Ginot’s definition, Not Here is a “staged concert with an in situ scenography” where four double basses are positioned at the four sides of the stage, one for each piece, to explore the entire range of the sound of this instrument.

The four compositions in their Italian premiere performance are part of the scenographic installation project titled Not Here conceived by Florentin Ginot, in which the scenography uses and transforms the architecture of the performance venue; the installation concept revolves around four glass modules that generate a play of shadows and light, and devices for sound spatialisation. The project questions the very identity of the instrument.

In Fury Rebecca Saunders uses the five-string double bass with an extremely low down-tuning; the composition may ideally be considered in dialogue with Obstinate by Georges Aperghis, which uses the singing and spoken voice as a projection of the primal scream. In The Table of Knowledge Liza Lim relies on a small double bass as well as on a preparation based on the Vietnamese instrument called the dan k’ni, with an extension for the resonance of the vocal spectra, while in We Must by Sebastian Rivas the down-tuned double bass finds its counter melody in the electronics.

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