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PMCE Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble

Elliott Carter (1908-2012)


Dialogues (2003, 14’) for piano and ensemble
Luimen (1997, 12’) for six instruments - Italian premiere
Oboe Concerto (1986-87, 25’) for oboe, concertino group and orchestra

PMCE Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble
Tonino Battista conductor
Lucio Perotti piano soloist
Fabio Bagnoli oboe soloist

Manuel Zurria flute, piccolo, alto flute
Fabio Bagnoli oboe, English horn
Paolo Ravaglia clarinet
Francesco Bonafè bass clarinet
Marco Dionette bassoon, contrabassoon
Marco Venturi, Claudia Quondam Angelo horn
Andrea Di Mario trumpet
Eugenio Renzetti trombone
Alessandro Di Giulio timpani (in Oboe Concerto)
Flavio Tanzi percussion (concertino in Oboe Concerto)
Pietro Pompei percussion (vibraphone in Luimen)
Sonia Maurer mandolin
Luca Nostro guitar
Lucia Bova harp
Francesco Peverini*, Lorenzo Fabiani, Fiorela Asqeri, Ludovica Alberti, Gianfranco Borrelli, Egida Zeneli, Daniele Sabatini, Miriam Guerrieri, violins I
Filippo Fattorini*, Houman Vaziri Moghaddam, Giuliano Cavaliere, Valentina Del Re, Roberta Lioy, Soichi Ichikawa, violins II
Luca Sanzò*, Alessio Toro, Camilla Insom, Matteo Rocchi, violas
Anna Armatys*, Michele Marco Rossi, Rina You, Francesco Marini, cellos
Massimo Ceccarelli*, Diego Di Paolo double bass
Tommaso Cancellieri sound coordinator, stage manager

in coproduction with Fondazione Musica per Roma
in collaboration with Teatro Stabile del Veneto
*first parts


A portrait of one of the great protagonists of the late twentieth century. A composer of remarkable creative longevity, who remained prolific past the age of one hundred, Elliott Carter embodied a unique direction in contemporary music, combining the achievements of cultured European modernism and the demands of avant-garde American music in a style of absolute originality.

Elliott Carter on his music: «Dialogues for piano and orchestra is a conversation between the soloist and the orchestra: responding to each other, sometimes interrupting the other, or arguing. The single varied movement is entirely derived from a small group of harmonies and rhythms».

«For a number of years I had been thinking of writing a piece based on the sound of plucked instruments like the mandolin, guitar, and harp to which I added trumpet, trombone and vibraphone and composed a one movement fantasy whose title Luimen was chosen by the Nieuw Ensemble (meaning ‘moods’)».

«In this Oboe Concerto, which is in one continuous movement, the soloist is accompanied in its widely varying, mercurial moods by a percussionist and four violas. The main orchestra opposes their flighty changes with a more regular series of ideas, usually on the serious side, sometimes bursting out dramatically. Each of the two groups use different musical materials which they develop throughout the work».

Teatro alle Tese

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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