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With:Vittorio Auteri, Lorenzo Bani, Matilde Benvenuti, Filippo Bonelli, Simone Castellan, Elisa Dal Bianco, Isaac De Martin, and Lorenzo Morresi (the participants of the workshops for electronic music producer and performer held at CIMM - Centro di Informatica Musicale Multimediale di Mestre-Bissuola)


Promoted in the form of workshops, the live-sets of the CIMM (Centre for Computer Music and Multimedia) Bissuola are dedicated to electronic music developed in the studio, and produce enlightening short-circuits that lead the way towards new creative inroads.

The workshops dedicated to the production of dj tracks and practices, which take place year round in the studios of the CIMM at Mestre-Bissuola, are conceived and coordinated by Guglielmo Bottin with the collaboration of professional tutors such as Roberto Benozzo for the production part and Cristiano Spiller for the dj part. The workshops continued during the Music Festival: between September 21st and October 3rd, an advanced workshop for producer-performers was held in the form of a short artistic residency. The participants were divided into small groups with the purpose of developing – working together under the supervision of tutors and technicians – original new music relying on the sounds of synthesis and modelling, sampling and recordings, using the many analogic and digital synthesizers, drum machines and instruments for processing sound available in the CIMM studios. The results of the workshop are presented here in the form of live electronics.

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Biennale Musica
Biennale Musica