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Biennale Musica 2021

Biennale College Musica

The selected participants

In keeping with the theme of the Festival, the Biennale College Musica in 2021 addresses “the dramaturgical potential of the voice, promoting new a cappella works of music, sound installations and site-specific performances all dedicated to the voice and set in different locations around the city of Venice” (L. Ronchetti).

4 composers, 3 performers and 1 vocal ensemble have been selected. They include composers Maria Vincenza Cabizza and Manuel Hidalgo Navas who will present two original pieces for vocal ensemble; composers Jack Sheen and Chonglian Yu, who will author two site-specific sound installations which also rely on pre-recorded vocal material; the performers Daniele Carcassi, Xu Tong Lee and Agita Reķe, who will present experimental performances working with the pre-recorded voice; and finally the Ensemble Vocale Evo, with members Veronica Bartolomei, Eleonora Braconi, Alessandro Cavazzani, Cinzia D'Anella, Ervin Dos Santos, and Emanuele Gizzi, who for the Festival will perform a series of fundamental pages in contemporary vocal literature.

The selected conposers and performers will be tutored by Jennifer Walshe, Samir Odeh-Tamini, Guido Barbieri, Thierry Coduys, Roberto Benozzo, Guglielmo Bottin, Andreas Fischer and Catherine Simonpietri for the Biennale College Musica 2021.

Composers for site-specific sound installations

Jack Sheen

Chonglian Yu

Experimental Performance:
turntablism/controllerism and live electronics applied to pre-recorded voice

Vocal ensemble dedicated to a contemporary repertoire

EVO Ensemble:
Veronica Bartolomei, Eleonora Braconi, Alessandro Cavazzani,
Cinzia D’Anella, Emanuele Gizzi, Ervin Dos Santos

Biennale Musica
Biennale Musica