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Students’ jury prize

On the occasion of the Festival Choruses, La Biennale di Venezia intends to award a Prize for the Best World Premiere Performance of the programme and the Best Vocal or Choral Ensemble. The Prize will be awarded by a jury consisting of young students from the Veneto Conservatories, who will be nominated by their respective institutions.
The purpose of the Prize is to involve and empower the young students of the Veneto Conservatories by offering them the opportunity to listen, reflect on and discuss these examples of new musical creativity. The Jury will be chaired and coordinated by Francesco Antonioni, composer, musical journalist and radio presenter for the musical programmes of Rai Radio 3.
For the composers, the vocal ensembles and choirs participating in the Festival Choruses, the Prize and the rationale for its award as presented by the students who form the jury will provide an opportunity for dialogue with the new generation of musicians, who have their own listening experiences and their own aesthetic perceptions. The purpose of the Prize, in fact, is also to create a fruitful dialogue between the different musical creativities, compositional and performative techniques developed over time by the protagonists of the new musical scene and their audience – in this case a young, sensitive, well-informed audience of Conservatory students.

The Jury for the 2021 edition of the Prize will be made up of students from the following institutions:
Conservatorio di Venezia
Conservatorio di Padova
Conservatorio di Vicenza
Conservatorio di Verona
Conservatorio di Castelfranco Veneto
Conservatorio di Rovigo
Conservatorio di Adria

The Prize, in the form of a plaque is awarded on the final day of the Festival.
The categories for the Prize are: Best World Premiere Performance and Best Vocal or Choral Ensemble.


In the category Best World Premiere Performance, the Prize will be decided between the works of:
Maria Vincenza Cabizza
Daniele Carcassi
Sivan Eldar
Francesco Filidei
Joy Frempong
Marta Gentilucci
Christina Kubisch
X. Lee
George Lewis
Manuel Hidalgo Navas
Agita Reķe
Kaija Saariaho
Jack Sheen
Chonglian Yu

In the category Best Vocal or Choral Ensemble, the Prize will be decided between:
Cappella Marciana
EVO Ensemble
Neue Vocalsolisten
Sequenza 9.3
SWR Vokalensemble
Theatre of Voices


Christina Kubisch and the SWR Vokalensemble have been designated as winners respectively of the Best World Premiere Performance and Best Vocal or Choral Ensemble.

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