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Biennale College Musica 2022

Composers - Experimental music theatre

Biennale College Musica 2022
Composers of experimental music theatre

New project of music theatre for solo voice and percussion trio or solo instrument and percussion trio, with or without electronics (from 30’ to 45’)

The workshop is dedicated to young composers interested in writing a music theatre experimental new project. Proposals can include one solo voice or instrument, trio of percussion and live electronics, amplification or tape production.

Any special requirements must be discussed with the artistic director in advance.

The percussion ensemble Ars Ludi will perform the new composition within the Biennale Musica (14-25 September 2022) as world premiere. The new work will be presented in concert form. The selected project should last approximately 30-45 minutes.

The workshop will consist of different stages.

The first stage will be dedicated to the conception of the work, the instrumental dramaturgy and the experimentation of different instrumental techniques. Classes will also focus on traditional and recent music theatre projects, their specific notation and the electronic treatment.

The composition of the first draft of the new piece will be followed by the second stage of the workshop, which will be concerned with the evaluation of the compositional ideas and their performability.

If electronic treatment or amplification were needed, dedicated sessions will be organized in the CIMM Studios (La Biennale di Venezia Centre for Computer Music and Multimedia).

The Biennale College Musica team will be in contact with the selected composer throughout the whole process of composition (from March to September 2022) and will be available for suggestions and revisions of the new score.

Data sheet

Simon Steen-Andersen (composer - Berlin)
Ondřej Adámek (composer, conductor, performer - Prague)
Ars Ludi - Gianluca Ruggeri (percussionist, conductor - Rome)
Daniele Carcassi (experimental performer, composer - Florence)
X. Lee (experimental performer, composer - Los Angeles)
Antonello Pocetti (director, dramaturge - Bologna)
Thierry Coduys (CIMM, sound engineer and computer music design - Nice)

Workshop dates:
1 week in March (7-12 March 2022)
1 week in May (16-21 May 2022)
1 week in July (25-30 July 2022)

Venue of the workshops: Venice

Venue of the concert: Venice (to be defined)

Number of possible participants: 1

Nationality: The application is open to all nationalities

Age limit: +18 > 30 years (as of 31st January 2022)

Application deadline: January 31, 2022

Announcement of selected composer: by February 15, 2022

Composition deadline: August 10, 2022

Rehearsals: September 2022

Concert: during the Biennale Musica (September 14-25, 2022)


Required documents:
Detailed CV in English, brief description of the project in English (each candidate can present one or two projects), 1 or 2 PDFs of existing scores or recordings.

Candidate selection:
The selected composer will be chosen by the Artistic Director after close scrutiny of their CVs and scores or recordings.

Registration fee:
The selected composer will be required to pay a registration fee of € 80.00 (VAT included, non-refundable) to be paid exclusively by credit card following the announcement of his/her acceptance.

Travel and accommodation:
La Biennale di Venezia will provide accommodation and travel costs for the selected young composer.



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