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Jury prize of students from Italian conservatories

The “Jury Prize of Students from Italian Conservatories” is a very valuable opportunity: it enables future composers and performers to express their critical judgement of the works premièred at the Biennale Musica, demonstrates their critical attention and competence in the face of interpretations of contemporary music, and at the same time provides an insider view of the tastes and preferences of the new generation of musicians.
The award of such an important prize is unusual and involves great responsibility on the part of both those who organise it and those who coordinate its development. Though it is a technical commission, the Jury of Conservatory Students also has an educational purpose for the young musicians who sit on it.
As can be easily imagined, such assumptions give rise to animated discussions, as a result of which the jury is able finally to reach a joint decision. Needless to say, the jury’s final pronouncement is no less important than the process that leads to it.


President of the jury of students 2021
Francesco Antonioni

Coordinator of the jury
Guido Barbieri

Ca’ Giustinian

30124 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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