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Autechre - Live

Year/Length:2023, 75’
Composition, electronics, performance:Sean Booth, Rob Brown


The English electronic music duo of Rob Brown and Sean Booth was formed in 1987; since 1991 it has been known as Autechre, the name it adopted for its recordings. Both from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, Brown and Booth have been friends since their childhood. They were initially influenced by synth-pop and by bands such as New Order, by American soul music, by the hip hop scene and by street art, and later by Chicago’s acid house. With Warp Records, the British label that acted as the standard-bearer for the first British electronic dance music at the turn of the nineties, in 1993 they released their debut album Incunabula, which adds an ambient sensibility to techno in an original way. Among the pioneers in the nineties of the shift from drum machine and synthesisers to electronics created – also in live performance – by computers, the considerable oeuvre of Brown and Booth has explored a wealth of different solutions, avoiding formulas and demonstrating a considerable compositional tension. Their latest albums are SIGN and PLUS, both released in 2020.

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Biennale Musica
Biennale Musica