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Lydia Krifka-Dobes - Wandering the piano

Year:2023, world premiere
Composition, programming, video:Lydia Krifka-Dobes
Production:La Biennale di Venezia - CIMM, Centro Informatico Musicale Multimediale


Wandering the Piano, in Laboratorio delle Arti at Ca’ Giustinian reimagines the grand piano, as the most iconic instrument in Western music. It can be used to produce a wealth of sounds, from the intended classical methods by hitting the keys and applying the pedal to manipulations of the strings themselves, as in avant-garde music.
Visitors can trigger the contrast and borders of topologies of sound by just walking around, thus exploring the acoustic universe of the piano. The layout invites visitors to listen to each other and react to each other, creating their own improvised passages. Visitors are also invited to record their experiences with their mobile phones.


Wandering the Piano: A Soundscape Installation (pdf)

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