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Biennale Danza at Campo sant’agnese
Dance -

Biennale Danza at Campo sant’agnese

Temporary performances of about twenty minutes, projections and encounters with choreographers enrich the program of La Biennale Danza 2017.

"I want to bring dance into the heart of the city, to the passers-by, the tourists, to suddenly offer the dancers, in movement, during a walk, a white dance mat spread out on the ground, at the centre of a city square, about twenty minutes, without music, like a flash of spontaneous poetry recited by a body that gives itself", wrote Marie Chouinard to the choreographers she invited to participate in the "events" at Campo Sant'Agnese (Zattere).

The surprises for the public will be provided by the outdoor performances in the square by Dana Michel, Benoît Lachambre, and by the dancers and choreographers of the Biennale College – Dance. The events at Campo Sant'Agnese will also feature the afore-mentioned Katema and Dance II by Lucinda Childs and the performance of In Museum by the Compagnie Marie Chouinard. To perceive the art of choreography in every human expression: this is the red line that connects Marie Chouinard's personal choices for the films to be screened in this edition of the Festival: from Mr. Gaga to Ten Meter Tower, films united by the expertise with which the artists have organized time and space in their works.

A cycle of encounters with the choreographers invited to the Festival will be held in the afternoons and at the close of the live performances.