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The new Centro Informatico Musicale Multimediale
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The new Centro Informatico Musicale Multimediale

The center (CIMM) will be a new infrastructure dedicated to permanent research and experimentation activities, in practice and studio sessions.


La Biennale di Venezia announces the opening of the CIMM – Centro Informatico Musicale Multimediale, a center for computer music and multimedia.

The CIMM is a new infrastructure dedicated to permanent research and experimentation activities, in practice and studio sessions, working with all the artistic Departments of La Biennale, the Biennale College projects, the Historic Archives (ASAC) and the Writing in Residence project, the Educational department.

The CIMM – which will be directed by Ivan Fedele for the three-year period 2019-2021 – is a response to an increasingly urgent need for autonomy in the area of digital technology, arising from the many different activities of La Biennale. The CIMM also intends to offer the territory the opportunity to conduct creative and recreational activities in the center's own fields of competence.

The two hubs

More specifically, the CIMM will be divided into two hubs:

1) in the Sale d'Armi at the Arsenale di Venezia, a hub dedicated to artistic research and long-term projects at the service of the exhibitions, festivals and initiatives of La Biennale. Two spaces, Studio A and Studio B, will be available for:


  • ideation and experimentation with instruments, techniques and creative models relative to every form of live performance and multimedia installation;
  • artistic research, the aim of which is to develop new works using the most advanced technologies available,  or new creative models produced by the center itself. To this end, annual residencies will be available to artists working on projects that are innovative in terms of the content and technological and conceptual tools on which the work is based;
  • the organization of an College Elettronica dedicated to young artists from around the world, selected on the basis of an international call;
  • the periodic organization of international pavillons to present and communicate the latest applications of advanced technology in the field of art.


2) in Mestre (in the Centro Civico and Teatro della Bissuola, that will be renovated by the City of Venice) for research into electronic music dedicated to local musicians and young people in collaboration with tutors: this structure aims to foster creativity, by organizing educational workshops at both the beginning and advanced levels, for students in schools of every educational level.

Two laboratories will be created to mirror those of the Arsenale in terms of technology and function: one rehearsal studio and one recording studio.

The laboratories will be available, upon reservation by the users and in accordance with work plans agreed with the tutors, for an ample range of participants, including:

  • beginners, who will be introduced to the use of technology and music composition
  • intermediate users, who will be supported in advancing their knowledge and capabilities
  • advanced users, who will be supported in the processes of composition and production on site.

Practical information

The intended participants will be first and foremost students from lower and upper secondary schools and universities.

The laboratories will be open from Tuesday through Saturday, in the afternoon, with time slots dedicated to each of the participant levels mentioned above.

In particular, the studios will be reserved for advanced users from 2 pm to 4:30 pm, with reservation required, and from 4:30 pm to 7 pm for intermediate and beginning users, who will be introduced to music composition using electronic technology, in accordance with work plans agreed with the tutors.

The organization of the workshops in the laboratory will focus particular attention on the creative dimension of DJ-ing, the electronic genre that is most widely known and practiced by the younger generations.